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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by tex2309, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. tex2309

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    I recently purchased a Daniel Boone and I have the WI-FI model.  The problem I am having is that when I cook, for example, at 200 will stay at that temp for about an hour and then ramp up to around 250 then back doen to 200 then back up to 250..and so on...I had a traeger for 15 years and it did the I got rid of it and bought a it seems to be doing the same....they sent me a new control board but it did not work...anyone else having the same problem?
  2. lamrith

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    That is definitely not the norm for a gmg.  They are quie good at holding temp.  There will always be temp swings, every pellet grill and oven does that, but the GMG has less that other brand normally.  They are either feeding pellets or not basically, but hte graph should look like this..  This user opened the grill a few times and also upped temp, but you get the idea of it being pretty flat..

    Can you provide more info on how fast and wide the swings are happening?  Once it starts does it settle in at all or just keep up the wild yo-yo?

    GMG does have great support, I would give them a call for sure.
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  3. tex2309

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    It usually holds temp at the set point for about an hour then starts the temp yo-yo will go from set point up to about 35 degrees higher and then settle back to set point after about 10 minutes....then after about 20 minutes will do the same.
  4. lamrith

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    Sounds like typical temp maintenance. 35* is not much of a swing. You can see in the graph that they shoot over then settle back. They are not a slow feed, they add fuel and stop, the added fuel spikes the temp.

    Adding the wind shields may help stabilize.

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