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  1. Ok, We've all seen the shows on tv. How does someone get started in competitions? Whats the rules? What classes do they have? I dont want to be cooking aginst teams that have been competing for years (yet). What do you usually have to cook? Do you bring the meat with you?Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Most events have their own rules. They have one here in a small town here. They have you smoke at home then bring it to the event on the honor system. Then their is Memphis in May. A all out big name teams. Find something in your area that has something to you liking. Then dive in head first. You don't have your location listed in your profile so I can't give you any contest in your area.

    Happt smoken.

  3. I changed my profile. I live in Fort Smith. I found a competation in Alma next month. Im going to enter that one. Wish me luck!
  4. Your just down the road from me. I'm north of Alma. Where and when is the competiton in Alma? Cedarville has a competition sometime that is a smoke it at home and bring it.

    Happy smoken.

  5. No problem. Yoy entering?
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    @redline57  normally they'll have Pro and Backyard divisions. Backyard is amateur and is meant for people who are newer and haven't won as much. Now i know here in Florida anyone can enter backyard or not everyone is honest and you sometimes still compete against people who have one Pro leve awards. But for the most part the competition is even. 

    So ask that event if its Pro only or if they also have a Backyard/Amateur division. If you enter pro you wll be competing against people with huge rigs, 10's of thousands of dollars in gear, etc....

    I was very surprised the first competition i went to with my little Brinkman Electrical and my weber smokey mountain and i was surrounded by other Amateurs who had huge trailers, smokers, and all kinds of goodies. But you gotta start somewhere right

    Here was my first competition 3 years ago....just a couple home smokers and grills

    Trailers to the left of us, trailers to the right of us

    and this is what the addiction does to you haha...

  7. Redline,

    Hope you are excited. Don't worry about competing against the pros. Me and my friend have done a whole two competitions. Both were KCBS and both had some beginners and some pros. We held our own and even got a couple of awards in the 2nd comp. It was a lot of fun and that was the important thing.
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    Be friendly and personable and the night before when people are hanging out make friends...i've met many pros that have shown me tips and tricks that really help in comps.

    also look at google images for competition turn in boxes to get an idea of what judges are looking for

  9. This is great tips from a few teams that went to the Jack Daniels. Also got to take a free box builiding class from Harry Soo and met Mo Cason. Did not get any tips from him but he was really cool to talk to.
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    I want to meet Big Mo! It seems like at the Florida comps the pros stay to themselves out of the way of us common folk LOL

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