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  1. After my previous 5# pork butt took 13 hrs, I decided to do some more temp monitoring yesterday while cooking another 5 pounder. It again took about 13 hours to reach 200 IT. This seems much longer than advertised times of 1.5-2hrs/lb. I placed one of my maverick probes on one side of the pork butt, and the MES probe on the other side (right side, above heating element). The meat was positioned on 2nd rack from top, on the middle/right part of rack. Aluminum drip pan directly beneath. The maverick was consistently reading about 20-40 degrees less than the MES probe. I had the Smoker set to 225 for the first few hours and the maverick temp would at times get to 190. Once I increased the smoker temp to 275 the maverick would read between 230-245. Do you all find that you need to set your temp on the MES to a higher temp to get the desired temperature? If not I'm wondering if im doing something wrong or what the deal is. Any ideas?
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    Trust your maverick I never depend on the MES probe 30* plus seems to be normal.
  3. stlsmoker85.
    Yes you have it figured out. The MES is a good smoker but do not rely on the temp setting. Do as you did and watch your temp probe.
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    If I want to smoke at 225, I will set the MES temp about 30 degrees above this to get around a 225 reading on the Maverick.
  5. Thanks all, that makes me feel better.

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