Getting ready to smoke all this salmon. I need a big smoker

Discussion in 'Fish' started by ted in alaska, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. ted in alaska

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    Had a great year here in Alaska. Total probably have about 400+ lbs of fillets. My smoker only holds about 5 lbs per load. We hit the dip net season for sockeyes and got close to our limit. Total of 36.  Then I started fishing for Coho's and limited out most days over the run. Fished everyday for 2 months. Did catch 2 big Kings but they don't compare to the others so I gave them to a family that wanted them.

    I will be using a basic dry brine of 4 parts brown sugar and 2 cups of kosher salt, with garlic and black pepper corns. That is the way we like it best. Will be loading the smoker shortly.

    If anyone wants to recommend a smoker I would be happy to listen.

    Some of the Coho. These fish were huge this year. Smallest was around 7.5 and the largest 14,3

    This was 5 fish

    A start on sealing the sockeye. This took the whole day to do

    Sockeye headed to the smoker
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  2. knifebld

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    Man you struck gold! I would love to smoke a few of those!

    You better give us some QView when you smoke em!
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  3. Hello Ted,

    Beautiful fish...mouth is watering!

    Can you tell me what brand of sealer you have? Been looking to replace my old one and yours is beautiful!

  4. ted in alaska

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    Foodsaver Gamesaver Titanium G800. It double seals and has double pumps.Got it at Costco for $325 which was a savings from every other place by $135
  5. How delicious indeed! You HAVE had a great year!!! That's wonderful! So fun to see! Cheers! - Leah
  6. cmayna

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    Save some for me.  I'll be in AK during the week of 9/7 for some Halibut, cod and silver salmon fishing.   All that workout will for sure cause an appetite which will help you reduce some of your excess inventory.  Yumm!
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  7. ted in alaska

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    You will be fishing around Homer or Kenai. The salmon run where I am is just about over...   :(
  8. thatcho

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    Get with lisa for vacuum sealer on this forum everything is great price and u get the smf dicount!
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