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  1. Have it narrowed down to Yoder YS480 & Mak 1 Star.  I can find pics and videos of the Mak in action, but I can find any pics or videos of the Yoder with smoke actually coming out of the stack. Can anybody help me out and show me pics of  yours in action? 

    I will be using whatever I decide on mostly for smoking. I am upgrading from a MES 40', if that makes any difference. 

    Here is the Yoder set-up that I'm looking at for $1770 delivered:

    Here is the Mak, but it would be minus the shelves and have the wi-fi added for $1873 delivered:

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  2. seahawk fan

    seahawk fan Newbie

    I've had a Mak for about three weeks now. I love it. Made the best ribs I've ever made on it. It is so easy to use. Almost idiot proof. I also like the fact that they are a US company and they really stand behind their product.

    I've heard great things about the Yoder so between the two I don't think you can go wrong.

    We bought the flame zone kit so we could sear with it.

    Have fun.
  3. Thanks Seahawk! I'm assuming that there was enough smoke flavor for your taste?

    Whatever I get will be wheel in and out of the garage extensively, so I like the comp cart on the Yoder, but I really like the wi-fi capability of the MAK...that is really my only dilemma.
  4. captmoby

    captmoby Fire Starter

    You were looking for a smoke picture. Here is my 640 getting ready for some ribs today.

    Really all you have to do is raise and lower the lid on the Yoder and you will pick the Yoder. Can't beat them for build quality. I have been very happy with mine. It does everything I wanted in a smoker/grill. And the comp cart is the way to go if you plan on moving it around much.
  5. shtrdave

    shtrdave Smoking Fanatic

    For the 100 you save buying the Yoder with the comp cart, add another to it and buy a tappecue. I don't have one but have been thinking about it.

    Have also read some nice things about the Igrill 2
  6. Thanks Capt!!!

    And I think I'm gonna get the Yoder with that Tappecue. Thanks dave!
  7. talan64

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    Looks like I'm late to the party, but if you're going with the Yoder, that's exactly what I would have suggested.

    I currently use a Traeger, but since it's in it's 4th year, and I've already had to replace parts, I've been researching my next smoker.  I have a friend who has a Mak, with "some" complaints, but still loves it.  However after everything I've read, I am still planning on the Yoder 640 to be my next smoker. Now if only that Traeger would die, so my wife will let me get it......
  8. captmoby

    captmoby Fire Starter

    And the results of today's cook on the YS 640

    One wet and one dry.
  9. TNDawg, Rob Green at and Malcom Reed at both have videos for the Yoders.

    Rob's site is invaluable for not only using the YS640 but has a lot of videos.
  10. thanks guys!
  11. Pulled the trigger on the YS480 today. Man, that's alot of dough to drop on something sight unseen! Hopefully I should have it in 5-7 weeks...
  12. colt black

    colt black Fire Starter

    Hello all. I just pulled the trigger on . A ys640 with competition cart. Im 8 weeks out from deliver. Very excited. Iv smoked alot using cheap grills and smokers. Im nervious and hope its like what ive seenand hear as far as quality. Very excited.
  13. I got my YS-640 in September 2013 and it is everthing I had hoped for.  Gets used almost every weekend it is fantastic.  One nice thing for me, though, is that I live in Wichita so when I bought mine I just picked it up and drove it home, no waiting!!

    Not sure if you ordered from ATBBQ or from that manufacturer, but ATBBQ has great customer service.  Enjoy!!
  14. colt black

    colt black Fire Starter

    I purchased from atbbq. Im very excited. This is a large purchase for me...she left me home alone while off work this!!! Well I gotta scoot. You all enjoy the day.
  15. I ordered mine from attbbq also. Called with a BUNCH of questions, and whoever I talked to was really helpful!

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