Getting Ready for Briskey!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by fatheadbill, May 22, 2014.

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    I'm getting ready for the inaugural "Briskey Bonanza" because Brisket+Whiskey=Awesome... Right?

    The only brisket I could get my hands on is an absolute monster at 17lbs. I should have enough room in my MES 40" but I wanted to bounce my idea for the process of of the Smoking Meat Hive-Mind. Here goes:

    I've got a great ancho and chipotle chili rub for a rest and I'll inject with a mix of the rub with beef stock.

    I'll smoke at 225 over a catch-pan with water in the dish. For wood chips, I was going to go with mesquite, probably soaked in Maker's Mark (anything worth doing, right?). This isn't my first smoke, but this is my first brisket. Is this really going to take 26-34 hours?

    Wrap in foil until I hit 180. I'll take off the foil, ditch the water bowl and turn up the heat to 275-300 to try to get some bark.

    When IT hits 200, I'll pull and wrap in foil in my cooler for about 2 hours before slicing.

    Should I baste as it goes or put more of the injected stock/rub in the foil or rest? 

    If I use a water bowl, what about other liquids (juice, whiskey, etc)?




    I'm heading over to introduce myself right now.

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