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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by jbraas, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. jbraas

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    Hello everyone. I have posted around the forums before, but it has been some time.... (i do have some Q-view I need to upload sometime...).4

    I am getting ready to make my forst attempts at Sausage making and had a couple quick questions.

    In a recipe, it looks likwe it often calls for both pork and pork fat. Called out in separate measurements. (ex 4.5 lbs pork butt, .5 lb pork fat). I haven't weighed things out yet, but is the quantity of fat needed usually what is naturally on the purchassed meat? Maybe just trimed to measure? If not, what do you do to get just the fat?

    I also saw some good links on here for supplies. In particular I am looking to get casings now (I think Italian Sausage is on tap first). Any one have any strong opinion in favor of or agains any place?

    On this site :

    I saw that the casings are available for purchase several ways: Dry Salt Pack Hank, Dry Salt Pack Tubed, Pre-Flushed Hank, Pre Flushed Tubed.

    They don't seem to explain the difference though (I'm sure I just don't yet know ass I am a newbie). Any suggestions here?

    I am also looking to hear back from a local butcher shop re: what they might have for sale...

    Whew.... sorry for all the questions in one post. Thanks for any advise!
  2. oneshot

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    You may first want to get this package from "The Sausage Maker Co."

    #72103 Great Sausage Recipe Book & Making Sausage at Home (VHS tape)

    Your Price: $39.99 (Make sure you tell them you want the "DVD" not the "VHS" tape!!!!!!)

    This is the book from Rytek Kutas (it's like the bible of sausage making) and the DVD will give you some visual ideas on how to do things. I bought the package and think it was one of the best purchases I ever made on instructions.

    Good luck...[​IMG]
  3. meat hunter

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    Well first off, like oneshot mentioned, get yourself a copy of Ryteks book, the 4th edition. That alone will be worth more to you than you can imagine.

    When it comes to making sausage, which I love, I really don't worry too much about the exact amounts of fat versus meat. If I make for instance, 25# of Kiebasy, I will buy a little over 25 pounds of pork butt or about 30 pounds of pork shoulder as it has the bone in it. I simply grind it up and it always has the right ratio, at least for me and anyone who has ever tried it.

    As far as casings go, a local butcher should have them, if not, Gander Mountain or Cabelas will for sure. I have even bought them off ebay a few times and have gotten some good prices on there as well. If you don't make allot of sausage, you may be better off just buying one pack that makes around 25#. If you make more, or want to make allot more, you might want to look for whole hanks from a butcher. Go for the dry salt pack. You can remove what you need and return the rest to the freezer where they will keep for a very long time. You just take what you need, flush them yourself.
  4. pineywoods

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    Pork butts are great for making sausage and I have been told to figure they have about 30% fat content. I get a hank of casings from a local butcher who makes sausage they will often sell them to you just as cheap as mail order and no shipping charges. The Rytek Kutas book is probably the single best investment for sausage making and curing meats you can make
  5. uncle_lar

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    what they all said, except I have never frozen casings.
    the salt packed ones even the preflushed salt packed will keep in the fridge for a very long time without freezing. I like the preflushed ones because you just need to rinse them, then soak for a bit and use. and that happens to be what my local butcher uses and I get them for about 28.00 a hank which will make about 100 lbs of sausage. I dont measure the fat either, just cut up pork butss and grind away, if you buy bulk butts in cyrovac they arent trimmed and have just the right amount of fat.
  6. jbraas

    jbraas Fire Starter

    Thanks everyone for the info. I did get the Kutas book, but have not studied in depth yet. Also got another "starter" type book.

    Looking forward to trying this!
  7. hog warden

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    I have never used these guys, but I remember someone mentioning them before and they were highly recommended. The little tubs of casings look interesting as long as it's 25 pounds per tub x 3 of them for the $38.

    You don't mention what other equipment you have, so if this is a first time event, you might want to start smaller. Bass Pro, Cabela's stock small packets of casings. Enough to do 10 to 20 pounds or so. All dried packed in salt. No big deal. Just soak and rinse them first. If any of your local stores grind and stuff their own sausage, ask if they also sell casings. One of ours does. $1.50 will buy enough for 10 pounds of links.

    Plain pork butts have just about the right amount of fat as is for most sausages like Italian, brats, breakfast, chorizo, etc. Less fat than store bought sausage for sure, but more fat means more grease to cook out and throw away.

    Pork fat is good to add to venison, etc. I buy mine at the one local store out of about 10 that sells it.
  8. jbraas

    jbraas Fire Starter

    Hmmm, we have a Bass Pro around here, may need to check that out. I purchased an electric grinder with stuffer attachements... Waring Pro I think, will need to double check.
  9. scpatterson

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    I bought my casings at butcher packer online and got them really quick. The kits they sell has everything in them even the casings and all the seasoning, cures etc....Thats what i used on my first sausage adventure. I was really pleased with teh kits....

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