Getting it right with a Prime Rib Roast

Discussion in 'Beef' started by reinhard, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. reinhard

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    i have had hit's and misses with a prime rib roast or standing rib roast at times. with the cost of these roast you realy want to get it right. i used the sear and low temp method this time. temp at 500 deg until i saw the crust i liked [about 20 minutes] and then i took it out the the MES smoker and put it in there at 240 until it reached 125 internal and took it out and covered it with foil for about 10 minutes.  then i sliced it. then i put it in an aujus i made up to get some extra moisture and some love of the rib roast flavor for about 5 minutes. i served it with a small bowl for each person for dipping. hope you dont mind but i like to show the rest of the meal also. cole slaw, twice baked stuffed potatos [i got the recipe from here] and 4 racks of baby back ribs. two with mustard sauce i made up and two with a terriyaki [sp] sauce i made up. turned out good. Reinhard

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  2. fpnmf

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    Looking good!!

  3. sound1

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    Hit and miss...I think you nailed it this time.  How was the flavor??
  4. michief

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    That looks amazing. I haven't gotten up the guts to try a prime rib yet but damn love them.
  5. reinhard

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    Sound1, the flavor was great. i think the aujus helped also when dipping. my daughters said it was the best meal they have had. pretty good since i've been cooking for them a good spell of their lives. youngest is 35 and the oldest is 40. makes me wonder what they thought of my other meals over the years LOL. i like the large end when it comes to the rib roast. sure a tad more fat butt it's good white meat in a prime rib and more tender in my opinion. after yesterday i can make a rib roast with more confidence the next time. Reinhard
  6. seenred

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    Looks great!  Thanks for the qview.
  7. I will be doing a rib roast this weekend.  I hope, since this is my first attempt at this cut of meat, it will be an adventure.  If I cook it and looks as red as in that picture above, the Better half will never touch it, so I will have to cook it well done, her choice, not mine.  Me personally eat steaks blue, and I want hear it Moo when I dig in.

    [​IMG]                    [​IMG]                        [​IMG]
  8. webowabo

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    I have to do the same for my family.. but I cook my way...rare to med rare... and once sliced if someone wants it more done.. it gets the grill or pan... my opinion should always be done this way JUST incase leftovers... thr reheat still has some room to work with..
  9. Now there is a thought!  And the fact I have been looking allover this forum and seen that idea it never crossed my mind as to do so.  Being this Rib Roast is Just a bit over 2 1/2 lbs, I expect there to be some leftovers.  Thanks!
  10. webowabo

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    I do a leg of lamb at Christmas. . I cook to rare in middle.. once sliced.... I give the crusty ends a throw on the grill for THOSE people. . And keep the good o sliced rare for Us! Thumbs Up
  11. same issue here. i just throw hers on before mine goes on. if a roast, i knock off a chunk for her and it goes in earlier. both daughters have caught onto daddys way of eating thankfully!
  12. foamheart

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    I do the meat like an old barber once told me about cutting hair. You always ploitely ask how they want it, and then after they say something I just cut it like it needs to be cut.

    So I will ask you about how you want it, then after its cut and on the platter,  you can fight over which one suits you best! LOL
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  13. this, yes this right here.. lol. i dont run a restaurant in my house. lol.
  14. webowabo

    webowabo Master of the Pit

    I think with my long hair ill avoid your house.. but food wise.. im right next to ya foam ;)
  15. come on mikey it'll grow back! haha.
  16. foamheart

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    I am not a barber, I cut some hair in the service for beer, no room to have a professional barber on a submarine.....LOL  Three months at sea, when ya come into port you have to meet inspection. No biggie.
  17. bearcarver

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    Looks real good from my neck of the woods, and I've been known to smoke a few Prime Ribs!!!

    Nice Job Reinhard !!


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