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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by jcglenn1009, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. jcglenn1009

    jcglenn1009 Fire Starter

    I have a bunch of grilled sausage leftover from yesterday and was looking for ideas for it besides just doing sausage dogs.  I had seen where somebody was doing burnt ends with sausage and wanted to get some opinions on how you think cooked sausage would do if I threw them in the smoker for awhile and tried to reinvent them as burnt ends.
  2. tn_bbq

    tn_bbq Smoking Fanatic

    we always make jambalaya (sausage n chicken)
  3. ak1

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    I usually saute up some sliced peppers & onions then slice up the sausage and throw it in with the veggies to warm it through. Then I serve it over pasta or rice.
  4. daddyzaring

    daddyzaring Smoking Fanatic

    Chop them up throw them in some bbq beans, or green beans.  Cook them with some scambled eggs, cheese, hashbrowns, and what ever else you like.  Mix some in some mac & cheese.  Slice them up length wise and warm in a skillet, and put between a couple slices of bread, and a slice of cheese.  Throw some in some chili.  Make or buy some bread dough and wrap them up in the dough and bake them.  There are tons of things you could make with them.

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