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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by kasey, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. ok i would like to get on that wont break the bank and great for a new guy.nothing big
  2. reichl

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    I'm not sure what your looking to spend but I got a masterbuilt electric smoker 30" a couple of months ago and it has been great. Many members here have them so there are people to help if you have a problem with it. I havent had an issue but from what I have read masterbuilt has great customer service. Plus it has digital temperature control so you can sleep easily without temp spikes ect. I got mine from QVC ( for $200. They even have a payment plan where you can pay $50 monthly.
  3. some have had here, I would go with the MES. You can get a 30 in. model pretty cheap and its great for a beginner. I have not had mine very long but have already done a couple butts, ribs, and chickens. Everythng has turned out great. One thing I really like is that it pretty much takes care of itself. Not like all the babysitting I do with my homade stickburner. Though it is fun to babysit the fire I rarely have a whole day to devote to it. Hope this helps, and I am sure many others will be by to help you out also.
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    If you want one that doesn't break the bank, watt burner, and ease of use, I say get an MES.

    My 2 cents
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    Not sure if you are dead set on electric or not. If not, an ECB (Brinkmann) is about the least expensive way to get into putting out great smoked foods. They are charcoal, but with some easy mods and a little practice you can get going in no time.
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    Kasey that kinda depends on whether you want electric, propane, or charcoal they each have their good attributes and I guess some bad as well. Are you looking to do more cold smoking or hot smoking? Do you enjoy tending the smoker or looking for easy? Do you believe ya need charcoal to BBQ right? Those are all things to consider or just be like the rest of us and figure your gonna need one of each [​IMG]
  7. where would i get one of those mes smokers
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    Kasey, here's a suggestion that you might want to consider. Get yourself a Brinkmann Gourmet Electric. It's a great starter unit that won't break your personal "bank". I started out with one, and it's an easy conversion to charcoal which I've done also. Just pull the element, pick up a grill wok, make it fit the pan and wala, you're using charcoal. Basically, you're getting two for one.
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    Got my MES from WalMart. 180 bucks at the time with free shipping site to store.[​IMG]
  11. Got my MES at Cabelas $188.00 with free shipping

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