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Discussion in 'Pork' started by nick, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. nick

    nick Meat Mopper

    Well, I just got home from work, went to the freezer in the garage where my stash is and pulled out this weeks smoke. Gonna do 2 fatties, some spares, and some ABT's. This sure is an addicting hobby....that you can eat! Even better! My guitars upstairs must be wondering where the hell I've been!
    Anyway, gonna have the Qview going as the smoke progresses. I've been 2 for 2 so I hope it goes well again.

    One question.... how long will pulled pork stay in the fridge in ZipLock bags with the air squeezed out without compromising quality? Or should I leave them whole in the fridge? I'd like to do 2 butts in advance for a party July fifth. I don't want to freeze them. I also don't yet have a seal-a-meal vac-pac thingy yet. Any advice is appreciated!
  2. My first question is why not freeze? Here's a post you might want to consider depending on when you'll smoke.

    As for length of time in the fridge, I'd be ok with 4 days, but if you're going to keep it in there that long, you might as well freeze and thaw. It'll taste a lot better. Good luck.
  3. bigarm's smokin

    bigarm's smokin Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Well sir, I reckon everyones fridge is different, but for whatever its worth, I did two butts last thursday for a gathering, I pulled them and slathered them with southern vinegar sauce, I brought some home in a tupperware container and have been snackin on it ever since. Today, I made some enchilada's with it and their in the oven right now and the meat tastes fine. I think I would leave the butts whole if I were you, and reheat and pull just before you need them. I've done that alot when the smoke takes too long and I don't want to pull them that nite. I don't know if its right, but it works for me. [​IMG] Best of luck to you, [​IMG]
  4. cowgirl

    cowgirl Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    You have guitars? me too!
  5. nick

    nick Meat Mopper

    Thanks for the info guys. I need them to stay 2 to 3 days in the fridge so I'll leave them whole while they rest.

    Cowgirl, I own 20 guitars including a Martin D-15 acoustic, a 25th(25/50) anniversary Les Paul Custom and a 6/12 Double neck that I built myself. I used to be in a rock band in the '80's but now I'm happily married living the LOWnSLOW country life with my smoker! [​IMG]
  6. cowgirl

    cowgirl Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Awesome Nick!!
  7. nick

    nick Meat Mopper

    Sorry to say folks, I had unexpected guests yesterday and had to CANCEL my fun. Better luck next weekend. Everyone have a nice weekend and a great smoke!
  8. kratzx4

    kratzx4 Smoking Fanatic

    welcome newest member of the smoke addicts. It goes to show it is only a matter of time until this wickedly tasting hobby will nail you.
  9. grinder

    grinder Smoke Blower

    Yeah, you better wait 'til next weekend. If you start smoking now your guests may decide to extend their stay.
  10. grinder

    grinder Smoke Blower

    Cowgirl, I own 20 guitars including a Martin D-15 acoustic, a 25th(25/50) anniversary Les Paul Custom and a 6/12 Double neck that I built myself. [​IMG][/quote]

    Sweet, I've built a couple myself.
  11. capt dan

    capt dan Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Southern BBQ sauce is a spam poster or what?

    I have read every single thread that this poster has written and they are all about promoting the BBQ sauce. I'm not sure about how "right" this is for this site!

    If you are a real person and are here for the right reasons, then maybe you could intoduce yourself in roll call! I am notifying a Mod on this.[​IMG]
  12. This looked fishy to me too Dan. I reported the post as well.

  13. bigbear

    bigbear Smoke Blower

    Grinder- Great collection! Would you talk to my wife? She thinks that my 4 guitars are about 5 too many. I'm not sure if it's my playin' or all the money I have tied up in them!!!! I told her good guitars are an investment. She says she's giving them all to Goodwill when I die! That includes two Taylors, a custom Larivee and a Les Paul. These aren't just kindling!! I'm surprised she hasn't asked if rosewood and spruce are good smoke woods!! I know how Rodney Dangerfield felt!!

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