German summer sausage and Hungarian smoked sausage

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  1. Both recipes are from Len Poli's site so I'll spare the ingredient list. First time doing both recipes. Very excited. All the meat was diced, weighed, and mixed with spices and cure and are chilling out for a day. Left in pic is the Hungarian and right is mixture for summer sausage.

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    If your makin sausage, I am watching.
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    I'm in looks great so far

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    I'm in for this as well!! Reinhard
  6. Thanks everyone. I'm definitely excited for this stuff. It's getting made for a mustard tasting party that should be going down sometime before Christmas. Of course, there's extra that will stay with me [​IMG]

    I tend to like to break up the process. So, I'm looking at grinding on Saturday afternoon and then stuffing and smoking on Sunday midday after service. 
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    I'm watching, too! How do you get an invite to the tasting party?

  8. So an update. The Hungarian sausages got made. The SS will have to wait till tomorrow. Here's the final picks....I can't help sampling right out of the chill bath.

    And this is how long they smoked with dust in the AMNPS, about 6 hours.

    Done and money shot.
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  9. Very nice!
    They look great!!!!

    ~Martin :smile:
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    The color is really nice and I can almost hear the snap of the casing as you bite thru.

    Looks like another great job.
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  11. Hey, very nice looking sausage.

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    That Hungarian sausage looks great! wonderful color and great sliced shot! Nice Smoke!

  13. Thanks everyone. It's got a very nice mild flavor from the sweet paprika and sweet white wine. It's pretty damn good....and it's gonna go good with some great mustard. 

    Next up, SS stuff and smoke tonight....hopefully.
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    Wonderful job!!!! Great color!!!  Reinhard
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    [​IMG]  Nice job on making this Hungarian sausage! It looks great!

    I've also been thinking of making more Hungarian sausage and seen this same recipe on Len Poli's site and thought, hey, I have a bottle of that wine. 

    My knowledge and consumption of wines is very limited but, I'm pretty sure this bottle is going down the kitchen drain.

    Its been sitting in my china cabinet for 20+ years [​IMG]  

    Again..... great job on this batch, enjoy!
  16. Ha wow 20+ years in a China cabinet? If it's been in there that long, I think you're obligated by some sort of booze laws to at least try it. If not and you ever make your way to Chicago, I'll take it [​IMG]

    Also, thanks! It was a fun (and long) smoke.
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    A former friend of mine went back to Hungary to visit and brought back this bottle as a gift. It had a nice clear amber color to it originally, not looking too good these days. I don't want to hijack your thread..... the reason I mentioned it is, I think this is what the recipe calls for.

    Hope your German SS turns out just as good!
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    Terrific looking sausage. Congratulations!

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    Looks great hope the S/S comes out as good as the Hungarian looks 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker 

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    Ya done good, real nice looking sausage.

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