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  1. I use a Char Griller with smoker box and while the food is very tasty, I know I could do better. I have noticed when I dump the metal box containing the wood chips that much of the wood chips did not "burn".So, I use a metal box with dry wood chips set in the inbound air path (right side of coals) as the chimney is on the left so I want the smoke to go up into the meat not just out the chimney.  This is a charcoal grill.  Below is a picture of the indirect cook I did today.  I use the same metal box when cooking direct as to set the box on the coals to me (maybe this is my mistake would be blocking the heat from getting to the meat.The metal box is somewhat visible with the un-burned wood chips on the right edge of the picture.

  2. Thanks for the list of mods to keep the smoke in.  My issue is more that the wood chips do not burn and thus if not burn do not produce smoke.
  3. Hello.  This may not be your problem but as was in one of the PM's, IF you have a cheap thin charcoal grate it will sag during the cook due to heat.  If that grate sags down to the ash, air flow will be seriously restricted.  Are you able to hold temp ok?  This may sound stupid but are you SURE you are not getting smoke?  Sometimes the smoke is almost invisible.  You could be using more chips than needed so not all burn.  I am pretty much grasping at straws here.  Info about your complete procedure and more pictures, and pictures taken during the smoking process is what we need to help further.  I really believe this is going to be a simple solution, we just need more info to find the problem.  I'll stay with this thread and offer any help I can until we get this sorted.  If you can provide more picts and info I'll also ask other members to have a look if I can't help.  Just by me posting a reply it "bumps" your thread to the top of the home page so more members will see it.  I am sure we will find a solution.

  4. I do get smoke however not all the wood chips burn which mean I did not get all the smokiness I was expecting.  I use a metal box beside the charcoal.  The ash tray on the bottom is a bit bent due to heat warping and will be replaced soon. (Been too busy to get to bbq store!)
  5. Hello.  Build/or have built a grate using concrete reinforcing steel or build a charcoal basket ( search charcoal basket ).  Please reread the Pm's I sent, an ash scoop is also a good thing.  You could also buy a grate if you can find one robust enough to hold up to temp and that will fit your grill.  This may NOT be your trouble but is a good place to start.  I just reread your last post.  "Metal box beside the charcoal".  So you do not pre ignite your wood chips and you do not place them on top of the heat source ( coals ).  You are relying on spontaneous combustion to ignite those chips.  All woods are different but lets just say for purpose here wood ignites at 450f.  So now you can see the problem.  Your smoker is not gonna be that hot.  BUT, that is burst into flames temp.  It will start to smoulder ( smoke ) at a lower temp.  2 options.  Option 1:  as a trial, leave out the metal box and just throw a few wood chips directly on the coals now and then.  Option 2:  Place your metal box directly on top of your coals.  Hope this helps.  DO NOT GIVE UP!  We will get you there, just hang in.

  6. I had tried dropping wood chips on the coals and had to move the meat while flare up settled down :  I'll try putting box in or on hot coals.
  7. Try, try again was a dad-ism I heard growing up and apparently forgot to apply to smoking.

    I am putting soaked wood chips directly on the hot coals and am noticing more smoke with a better smoke ring. (Hey, I put smoke into direct grilled burgers)


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