Gearing up for my new build.

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  1. New here found the site while searching for info and a calculator ( found ) for my new build was hoping to remove some error in my trial and error build.

    This was my first real build call it what you will

    Not really a UDS but ... It works!!

    Propane hooked into single burner for starts , and I had an idea of being able to leave it on with a log over the burner for long smokes but the temps were too low.

    Now I want to build a larger nicer smoker.

    I got my hands on this. 30"x5 foot tank. And have used the calculator to tune my sizing.

    I'm still up in the air on whether it make it towable or not. I don't foresee the need but could be handy but more $$ I like doing things on the cheap. Tank only cost me a favour.

    In thinking RF, I just acquired a 1/8" alum pan the size of the tank and wanted to use it as my RF plate and water tray. Thoughts??

    My idea is to make the RF plate removable and replaceable with pans for charcoal so the whole thing can also be a grill, I also have a crazy idea about fitting refractory fire brick in a steel frame that can be installed instead of the grates. Heat them up with coals underneath then slid the coal pan away from the chimney and use as a wood fire pizza oven. The heat traveling over the pizza and the stones hot beneath. The idea is similar to the all stone and refractory pizza oven I have helped my stone mason buddy build at his old house. We'll see.
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