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  1. I'm about to embark on a build and the wealth of knowledge on here has been great.  Now I'm going to try and put it all together.  Came across this fridge on Craiglist.  Seller tells me it is a metal walled interior but checking it out this weekend to confirm. Anyone recognize this model?  Planning on stripping the refrigeration and planning ahead to put Roxul insulation in.  Looking at the Brinkman 1500W element coupled with the Auber Dual Probe PID.  Initially going to use AMNPS for smoke but open to suggestions on that.  Excited to get started and can see already this is going to be slightly addicting.  Open to any suggestions or feedback.


  2. nevrsummr

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    Pristine looking fridge! Door skin looks like it's plastic, should be a great build, I'm in.
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    niice. I have the same fridge in my garage waiting for another winter or two before I start another build.
  4. I will get a new round of pictures up soon, hopefully it will warm up sometime soon to help the progress.  But first round of destruction of fridge components went well.  Couple basic questions on the interior.  Any patching where plates were removed should be done with stainless steel?  And what is the best way to patch all the screw holes from removing drawers, freezer box, etc.?

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