G'day from New Zealand.

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by sean-b, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. G'day.

    I recently bought a hose with an outdoor fireplace...now that might look cool but I want to get my cooking and smoking on. Now brisket is non available of the shelf here so I have a order in with my butcher fo one to cook for the family at Christmas.

    Need to get the fireplace up and cooking by then.

    That chimney is around 13" square internal. My plan is to have a rack I can raise and lower inside the chimney on a stainless wire. At the bottom of the rack can hang my steam bowl. On the top of the chimney I'm thinking of installing a rotary damper as to hold the heat in a bit more.

    I plan on setting one fire offset to a side and thinking the smoke and heat will flow up from there.

    Thoughts? Tips? Ideas?

    Move in in little over a week's time so keen to get ideas finalized so I can cut steel and make it happen.

  2. one eyed jack

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    Welcome to the site Sean.  Is your fireplace masonry?  If so I would think that it will hold heat after a long term warm up fire.  I am not familiar with cooking on an open hearth like that.  Hopefully some folks with more experience will check in with advice.

    How far is that brisket going to have to travel to get to you?
  3. Hi there.

    Yes it is of concrete construction. Walls are around 3" thick. Would you suggest a big fire to it warm and then let it die right down and use the retained heat to cook?

    The brisket is local beef, the butcher bones out twice a week but usually the brisket get further processed into other cuts (sausage and mine I presume)

  4. one eyed jack

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    I think that that is the direction I would head to start, at least.  If you can devise a deflector plate above you coal bed but under the meat that might work out pretty good.  You may find that you want a door with a controllable draft set up to really gain control of your fire and heat.

    Bare in mind though, that I don't cook on an open hearth like yours.

    Best luck.
  5. lemans

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    Hi. From New Jersey my son was just in New Zealand for 7 weeks. He was visiting him girlfriend in Christ church. Next time he goes over I can send him with a packer ..

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