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  1. I'm getting to the point where I need to find a gasket for my fridge build. Does anyone have any leads in a good gasket? I have roughly a 1/2" gap between the door a fridge face. I'd like to use rivets or screws to attach it to either the inside of the door or to the fridge face. A e shape gasket would work or a p shaped one as well. I also like the idea of a flat silicone gasket. Any ideas or leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ken
  2. I just ordered my gasket for a freezer build from McMaster-Carr they have both profiles e and p.
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    i had a 5\8" gap on my door and bought a D shaped gasket that is hollow in the middle from  I used a food grade high temp silicone to adhere it.  a year later it is still perfectly sealed and has not pulled apart anywhere.  
  5. By chance ballagh do you have the sku number to your gasket? I cant seem to find it. Thanks
  6. I would look at this part number 8815K26 at McMaster-Carr.

    If you look at this build by ScooterMagoo you will see how he installed it. (click on build)

    Good Luck!

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    I used their 5/8" tadpole gasket and riveted it onto my doors. Works great.
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    9141k924 is their sku.  and i used a high temp food grade silicone to adhere it.  duct taped them down and sealed the door for 24 hours.  1 year later no leaks no pulling apart anywhere.  very happy with it.
  9. On my frig smoker door gasket I just used the 1 inch foam door seals from home depot that has the ons side that has the sticky tape that you pull off ,it worked great and compresses for a great door seal .
  10. We have used Tadpole before  works great

  11. This shows the gasket around the edges, the door needed to be reattached because of rust and had a 3/4 gap and was twisted .with this sometimes I have to pry it open with a screw drive it seals so good.

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