Gas to Electric/gas Hybrid conversion

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    Well here it goes...
    I started off with a cheap aldi gas smoker. Its a good size for what I want and has proven very effective and capable in my opinion and I've had some great smokes with it.
    Then... Six months ago we welcomed our first kid to the family.. :yahoo:
    Thats when smoking changed for me.. My smokes started to slip in quality. I soon realised that while smoking I was not attending to the meat but to my boy For the most part and the temperature was varying by up to 100 degrees... Way too much.
    So I decided it was time to do an electric conversion.
    Which now means I can use it a highly acurate electric smoker or gas smoker or hybrid gas/electric smoker

    Heres what I used:
    1. Old letter box
    2. PID controller (proportional integral derivitave controller)
    3. 40A solid state relay
    4. Type K thermocouple
    5. Misc wiring and circuit breaker
    6. 2000W hotplate element
    7. A little know how

    I will get some more pics of the build asap.

    And heres the results:
  2. aussie smoker

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