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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by strafe51, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. strafe51

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    I have a brand new, never used Charmglow Gourmet Series gas grill model 720-0536 and can't seem to get this to proper operating temperature. With all 4 burners on, it will only get to 300 degs. If I turn on the searing burner and rear burner I can get about 500 degs. out of it. This seems to be awfully cool running temperatures. I tried everything that the manual says including changing propane tanks, all with the same results. Do these temperatures sound right (The manual doesn't say anything about what the maximum temperatures should be) or Iam I right about them being too low. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. caveman

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    Welcome to the forum STRAFE51. You should drop by roll call & give us a little background on yourself so people can welcome you properly. As far as the the operating temp on your grill, I am afraid I can not respond to that as I use lump & charcoal. Someone should be along soon enough to help you out tho. Hang in there.
  3. abokol

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    We sell grills where I work and it sounds like the regulator may be bad. When this thing is turned on high and you put your hands over the burners they should be crankin out heat. In the owners manual they tell you to change propane tanks in order to make sure that the connection to the tank is good and the pin in the tank valve is opened all the way. Once in a while the regulator isnt seated properly and by detaching the tank and then reattaching it will open the valve all the way. If this doesnt work I would say that the regualtor is restricting flow to the manifold and burners.
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    Welcome to smf
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    I would think a gas grill should get much higher that that. Did you turn the propane on slowly some have a safety feature that trips if you open the valve to fast
  6. garyt

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    Sounds like a POS stock grill thermometer, most are crap is this what you are relying on the one that is mounted on the grill
  7. I was having a similar problem until I found out that you have to have the burner controls turned off before you turn the gas on at the tank. Newer grills have a sensor that throttles down the flow of gas if it detects that the burner is already open when you turn on the gas at the tank. That gives you a weak flame. Be sure you have the burners turned off before you turn the gas on at the tank.
  8. grampyskids

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    I just went outside to see what my Charmglow 4 burner would do. After 6 minutes, I was registering 450 on the stock thermometer. It sounds as though your regulator is not allowing enough gas to the burners.
  9. cage

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    As posted by BPSCG there is a safety valve to prevent flame from traveling back into the tank. Always turn the burners off before the turning the tank off. Turn off the burners and let it set for a few minutes with the tank still on. You may even hear a click as the valve resets. Light her up and see how hot it gets.

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