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  1. guys i was just wandering

    how many hrs approx would you get out of a 7kg butane bottle for a smoke house

    and roughly how much is a refil for that size bottle in the states


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    I'm not familiar with using butane. I use liquid propane. I think the average sized bottle is 20 lbs or 4.7 gallons. I have been tracking the bottle I am currently using and I am at 42 hours on my GOSM mostly at 225* but about 10 of those hours were at between 135* and 160*. There is still some left but I'm sure it is getting quite low.  I have my bottles refilled and the current price is $3.69 per gallon.
  3. was just thinking about when i move im going to build a bigger smoke house but unsure what to heat it with.

    not sure what the liquid propane is, only gas bottles ive ever seen contain butane or propane

    but the cost of those in $51 for 3.5 gallons so not sure if its the right stuff, unless the uk gas is alot more expensive

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    Liquid propane is propane. Propane is a gas but when it's compressed it becomes a liquid.
  5. ah got it

    i assumed it was something else as over here we pay by weight 

    so it is abit more expensive then over here, will look into it more  when its nearer the time to building.


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    Some places here sell by weight some by volume.

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