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    Hey all,

    This cook did have some technical difficulties, but overall the food was great. I put Gary's beans on at the same time I put on the ribs, about 12:30 Royal Oak lump and got her stabalized at 219 degrees before I put on the meat. I used 5 chunks of almond wood for the smoke. I let the BGE creep up to 225 and shut it down some more and held that temp for most of the cook. Checked the beans and stirred em about 2 hours in. They were pretty watery (so I thought) so I decided to keep em there for the rest of the cook. That wasn't such a good idea cuz when I pulled them at 4:30 they was overdone and a little dried out. I should also say that I didn't follow Gary's recipe to the T cuz I don't care much for pork and beans (call it too many of em when I was a kid). I substituted Teasdale pinto beans and reserved most of the liquid from the cans when I put the beans together with all the mixins. Anyway, I used the toothpick test (learned on this site yesterday) and the

    meat was done, so I pulled the beans and the meat. I tented the meat in foil and put it in the oven at 170 till about 30 minutes before we were going to eat. I added some of the reserved bean liquid and another squirt of Sweet Baby Rays to the beans and put them in a pot on the stove. I left the BGE ready and hot at about 300 so I could cook the corn, and put the ribs back on to mop em.

    My wife wanted some pineapple so that's those little yellow chunks. The beans got reheated while I was finishing up the corn and ribs, and we set down to some very excellent baby backs and some not quite so excellent beans (totally my fault, Gary). Next time I think I'll nail em! The flavor was great, but like I said...overcooked.

    So that's my story and I'm stickin to it. I hope y'all ate as well as we did last night.


  2. Well Shucks !!  Tell me what you think went wrong, maybe I can help.

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    Oh, it was clearly just leaving them on too long. If I had pulled them at around 3 hours they would have been fine. I'm throwing a birthday party for my wife in a couple weeks and I'm going to cook 4 racks of ribs and Gary's beans again, only you can bet I'll be checking them every hour. :)

    Thanks again for the recipe, Gary.


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    Looks like a great recipe Gary.  Thank you for sharing. I'll give it a try this weekend.

    We're doing a pig at my brother's place on Saturday. I'm on call for the beans. I'll do one batch like Dutch's with the pineapple and one batch like yours. We'll see whether people prefer more sweet or not.
  5. I really like Dutch's  but I like Pineapple 

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    Well, both styles of beans were a big hit! But, sorry Gary, Dutch's won out on a side to side comparison because of the sweetness of the pineapple. Next time I'm going to make yours with the addition of pineapple and see how that works.
  7. I thought about that myself,  But I can't think of anyone I had rather get beaten out by,  I Love Dutch's  beans that pineapple really kicks them up a notch.

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    I smoked a full batch of your beans yesterday under 3 racks of baby backs for my wife's birthday party. I followed your recipe to a T and got rave reviews from all. No leftovers says it all! Thanks again for posting your recipe.


  9. Thank you BB    I appreciate it, you are right if there are no leftovers that says it all.    My #2 son just called wanting my Baked Bean recipe for one of the parents that had come over for grandsons graduation. He said those were the best Damn beans he ever had.

    I like it when people enjoy my recipes

  10. Gary,

    I tried your bean recipe this weekend and those are amazing! I'll definitely do these again but I'll probably drain the cans a little to reduce the liquid level a bit in the finished product. Thanks for the contribution! This is going to be a regular side dish for me.

  11. Thank you David,  After I take them off the smoker I usually stick them in the oven ot keep warm, If they are still a little too juicy

    you can turn the heat up and cook a little more and they will thicken up.

    Thanks again

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    These beans are awesome. I made them with my first attempt at a smoked pork butt. I am going to attempt to make a smaller batch tomorrow when I attempt my first brisket. Which I am following another one of your threads to make. Thank you for all the posts and recipes. 

  13. Thanks Ryan, glad you enjoyed them and I could help. Keep me posted on your brisket.

  14. ryanveld

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    I'll post in your Texas Brisket thread. 
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    As usual, Gary. You are helping folks learn something in this great hobby of ours. Your unselfish nature and approach to this cooking deal is what makes the world a good place and this site great.
  16. Thanks Joe, your are too kind

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    Hello Gary, rookie smoker here and wondering if I could bother you with a couple of questions. First, What temperature and how long do you usually smoke these for? I'm planning on putting these in at the tail end of the butt I'll be smoking and I usually smoke the butt at 220-230, do you know how long I should have the beans in at that temperature?
  18. I usually smoke them about 3 hours, If the smoke is not too heavy.  I have been using Pecan for the last couple of years.  Just taste them and make sure the flavor is what you are looking for.  That temp is fine.

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    On the menu tomorrow. It has been specifically requested.
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    DO NOT MAKE THESE SMOKED BEANS!!!  I REPEAT, DO NOT MAKE THESE SMOKED BEANS!!!!  You will be hounded day and night, winter and summer to make more!!  These beans disappear faster then the ribs and my family functions.  They are that good.  Congrats Gary.  A definite winner!!!
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