Garlic Knockers or Knockwurst

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    Well mixed up my meat and spices for Knockers.
    Well with the wife sick so she couldn't help decided to turn my Knockers in to Logs. Hard to stuff smaller casing with one person but I did the bigger ones and done real well. So I'll slice for sandwiches and crackers and cheese.The wife loves this stuff and says the best meat she ever ate. Any way here goes.

    First the players with out the meat and ice water.

    Love my new mixer/emulsifier From pikeman. But found a 18 volt cordless is a little wimpy to run it with really cold meat. never the less I made it work. Now looking for a larger drill.

    This is a close up of it emulsified. If my drill had been better I would have gone a little longer. Seperated batches to about 4-5 lbs and it worked a lot better.

    Sauseage going in to smoker.

    Sausage out and blooming for 3 hours then into refrigerator.

    Time to check it out

    Money shot!

    Well love my mixer Thank you Pikeman! Now since this was a late start yesterday and I don't sleep and smoke. I took it out at 2:30 am and cooled till around 5 before refrigerating. Went to bed for 2 hours and now Im up. Got to slice,Package,and share some. Then work in the garden. So a couple more cups of coffee and I'm out of here. LOL
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    Where can I get a mixer like that?! Nice job on the Knockers!! Look great. Do you have any recipe tips to share because that looks like something I would love to try to make! Thanks for the pics.
  3. viper1

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    Sure I'm not one for having big secrets! LOL I believe in sharing! Unless maybe you doing it for money. So here you go enjoy!

    German Garlic Knockers. Knockwurst, Knackwurst which ever
    you call it. They are great. I have kicked this up and it's very good.
    Knockwurst is almost always made as a short and fat sausage
    with zesty seasoning. Typically, traditional recipes feature
    large amounts of fresh garlic.
    This sausage is often a favorite at street fairs and celebrations.
    Its short, squat dimensions make it an easily handled finger food,
    and the garlicky flavor is always a crowd favorite.

    Also this is another one of those sausage varieties that is usually
    made commercially with emulsified meat.
    A very good home version can be made with multiple passes through
    the sausage grinder but...

    ...If you want to go to the added trouble, you can do a good job
    emulsifying small batches in a food processor.

    Or a Kirby Mixer like I got am dieing to use. Ok the far left 5lb version
    is what the recipe called for I broke it down to 1 lb for easy conversion.
    I had 10 lbs of beef and 4 lbs of grd pork. So that's what im using is the
    14 lb version. I did take some libertys and rounded off. I will probably
    slip on the Garlic and may add extra too as we love garlic.

    5lb Meat 1 lb. Meat 14lb Meat
    3.5 lb Beef burger 11.2 oz 10 lbs Beef burger
    1.5 lb Porkbutt ground 4.8 oz. 4 lbs GRD. Pork Butt
    1 cup NFmilk 1.6 oz. per lb. 22.4 oz.
    2 Tbl +2 tsp Koser salt 1.6 tsp per lb. 7 TBS 3/4 tsp
    1TBl paprika .6 tsp per lb. 2 TBS 2 1/2tsp
    3 TBL black or white pepper 1.8 tsp per lb. 8TBS + 1/2 tsp
    1/2 tsp Coriander .1 tsp per lb. 3 Tbs
    2 tsp mace .4 tsp per lb. 5 1/2 tsp
    6lrg clove garlic or 1.5 tsp granulated .3 tsb per lb. 4 1/4 tsp
    1/2 tsp all spice .1 tsp per lb. 1 1/2 tsp
    1 tsp cure #1 1 tsp per 5 lb. 2 3/4 tsp
    1 cup ice water 1.6 oz per lb. 22.4 oz

    Trim the pork and beef, cut it into 1 inch cubes, and grind it several
    times (at lest twice) through the fine plate of your meat grinder.
    Combine the spices and garlic and cure in a 1 quart container and mix with the
    1 cup of ice water.
    Pour the spice and water combination into the ground pork and mix
    thoroughly for at least 2 minutes. Use your hands for mixing to assure
    even distribution.
    Add the milk powder to the sausage and mix until it is well
    incorporated. At this time you can pass the sausage mixture one more
    time through the grinder if you want to.
    Once the sausage is fully mixed, stuff it into 38-42 mm hog casings and
    ready the sausage for the smoker. Make short links, 3 to 4 inches in
    length. Or as I did use 3-5 inch casings for slicing.

    Smoked 2.5 hrs of cherry and 1.5 hrs. of Alder. But use your favorite wood.
    I had the smoker at 120 for 1 hour, 130 for 1 hour and started smoke,
    140 1 hour,155 one hour and 170 till internal temp hit 152 degrees.
    Pulled and left at room temps for 3 hours to cool and bloom. Put in
    refrigerator overnight and slice the next day and pack.
    Hoped you enjoy.
  4. viper1

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    thoseguys26 sent you a PM.
  5. venture

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    I thought I was addicted already?  But now there are knockers out there with garlic on them?

    Send my mail and beer to the Tijuana jail!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  6. boykjo

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    Looks great Viper1............[​IMG]

  7. scarbelly

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    Those came out great - congrats 
  8. africanmeat

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    looks like a great wurst  [​IMG]
  9. thoseguys26

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    Great! We love garlic also and will be trying this recipe for sure. Thanks for the conversions too.
  10. viper1

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    Well no Buns,Swiss cheese or sauerkraut!I'm hungry for a sammy! So got some White bread, Knockwurst thickly sliced, Some Hot Horse Radish and Pepper cheese, and some Dijon Mustard! Wow! This is really Great! Gave about 6-8 lbs out and every body loves it. Not one suggestion on changing it. Also the extra spices worked great. Mustard on thick! That cheese Is a smoked one I bought from the Amish. Never heard of or tried it. It is awesome! Hot and horsey strong. Never seen a product this hot sold any where.

    Thanks for all the good words.
  11. memphisbud

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    Kind of joining the discussion late, but MAN!  Looks great!
  12. billyj571

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    man that's awesome Thanks for sharing
  13. viper1

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    Now that is weird! LOL Been almost two months and 3 batches since i posted this. Then you post that and Im here watching the tube with two of them same sandwiches in my hand. Very good and a keeper. Making another larger batch soon. As I have found it freezes really well.
    Thanks for the good words guy!
  14. Don't know how I missed this thread! That's some great looking sausage and sammie. Thanks for the recipe, I'm going to give this a try real soon.

    Thanks again!
  15. sam3

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    I missed this one too Viper. Good stuff! [​IMG]

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