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  1. Is there a regulated amount of game meat that has to be in snack sticks or sausage to be labled venison, elk, bear, etc? Or is it a trace amount with beef or pork & call it venison sausage?
  2. tropics

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    I would IMHO say the main meat,Venison Elk etc. would have to be the most 75% 

    pork or beef filler 25% 

  3. uzikaduzi

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    Outside of whole cuts, labeling regulations can be dependant on the size of your business... a small butcher could have a complete exception and not follow any labeling regulations outside of whole cuts
  4. There is a deer processing/butcher by me in Michigan & they sell quite a bit of "game" summer sausage & sticks so thats why I am curious. I am guessing I could do some research with the state what the requirements are when it comes to this. Thanks for your input.
  5. uzikaduzi

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    if its good i would bet money that it, at minimum has about 30% added pork fat.
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    Yup. All of the snack stick recipes I have seen call for at-or-near 50/50 ratio venison to pork.
  7. I know there are tons of recipes & ratios I am really curious to know if it is regulated to say a product has to be a certain % "venison" in order to be labled "venison" or if they can mix 10 lbs venison to 90 lbs beef or pork & call it a "venison" products.

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