Game Day Beef Roast and Venison SS w Q-view

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smoked alaskan, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. What's everyone having for game day?

    I had a pair of  venison summer sausages to smoke and found a nice top sirloin on sale so decided to make use of the extra room in the smoker. Have never done either so praying it comes out good and in time for the game.

    Made a seasoning mix of SPG and added some onion soup mix.

    Applied this liberally to the roast, then into the fridge until this morning

    8 a.m. - time to get things going.  Started by putting the summer sausages in, no smoke for an hour at 175*.  Kicked the temp up to 225*, added the wood chips - using hickory for this smoke. Racked the roast

    And into the smoker with the sausages

    And now the waiting game..... [​IMG][​IMG]

    More pics when it's done.  Good luck to everyone's teams playing today ( except the Colts ha ) Go Broncosss !!!!!
  2. Overcooked everything [​IMG] Thought it would all take longer than it did. Lesson learned.  The SS might be ok crumbled up for biscuits and gravy. Roast has good flavor but came out well done instead of medium rare. Still be ok sliced for sammies but what a letdown today has been.

    Just have to write it off as a learning experience.
  3. tropics

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    SA You can still eat it, meat doesn't look dry
  4. Roast meat gonna be used for french dipped sammies tonight, SS gonna be cut to 1 lb. cunks, frozen and used as burger. Not a total loss. [​IMG]
  5. domerskee

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    looks awesome.  good job.
  6. Thank ya Domerskee.  The french dips were quite tasty.


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