Galvanized okay to use for supports?

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by roushy, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. So I received a free used propane tank that I am going to work in to a RF smoker. I've owned one in the past and switch to a BGE but want to go back. The BGE doesn't provide the flavor profile that my RF smoker provided. I have access to some galvanized pipe that I was thinking about using to build the stand. It would not be in the cook chamber or touching the firebox. My plan is to build a simple saw-horse style support for the smoker. Okay to use galvanized piping in this situation? Seems easier to do than ordering steel piping online.
  2. Galvanized is okay to use wherever it does not come in contact with food or heat. I cannot imagine why you couldn't use it as a stand. For piece of mind if you're worried, you can always have a nice little bonfire and burn the coating off.

    Personally I would not be worried with a galvy stand.
  3. I agree but I thought I would float it out to the community to see. I know using it in the cooking chamber or firebox is a no-no.

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