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  1. I bought the Maverick 732 when I started smoking a few years ago.. The probe is awesome for thicker pieces of meat, but doesn't work too well for thin stuff like chicken or ribs.

    I decided the other day to get a Thermopop for quick reads on the thin stuff.  Ordered it off Amazon and had it at the door a couple days later.  The funny thing is that they delivered the Thermopen instead of the cheaper "pop" =)  Score!  Now I have something to use on the thinner cuts...

    I wanted to try out the pellet smoker system to be more lazy in my smokes (hah!) Ordered the AMNPS and tried it out on a fatty with only one side lit.  Didn't feel like it put out enough smoke so next time I will start both sides and see how that goes.

    Kept seeing that awesome promo code for 20% off the A-Maze-N orders and couldn't resist last night.. Ordered a Maverick 733 and a 12" tube smoker =)  Now I will have enough probes to do way more stuff at once =) and plenty of choices for adding smoke flavor to the meats...

    Now I just need to get some new tongs and some other fun stuff =)

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