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    Hey everyone. I joined awhile back and have been in the process of building a GE fridge smoker with the pellet daddy pellet unit. The problem is controlling the temp. I started off with two  2 1/4 inch stacks. I than added two  2 1/2 inch diameter stacks followed by a 3 inch stack. It has at least 50 degree temp swings. If I set it at 235 for example It will putt along until it  drops down to say around 218( I would think it would ramp up slightly when it hit about 230.) then starts going full blast and  ends up shooting up to around 270 degrees. I would think that it should feed steady to maintain the temp.I don't know. This is my first experience with a pellet burner is this normal behavior? Also have a 3 inch inlet at the bottom. Also its about 20 degrees outside today here in North Dakota.Thanks.

  2. Curious, where did you install the temp probe?  Also how did you install it?  Is the probe covered from food and drippings?  I would check the probe connection too.
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    Temp probe is centered on the side about 8 inches down from the top. Drilled a hole sealed with silicon inside and out. No contact with food or drippings. Think I should move the probe down some? 
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