FYI....I like tri-tip and ribs!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ammaturesmoker, Jun 30, 2015.

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    We need some details! Great looking smoke!! Good use of space as well!
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    OK if I must!!! [​IMG]  I have two different smokers. The older Brinkmann  that is the clam style I have had for 10 years. I paint it every year. It seems to keep on going. Back then the metal was also thicker on these guys. They are junk now. I use it as my main unit for normal q'ing. Smoking use on it is very little but had to this day as the other smoker you see is the Oklahoma Joe Highland unit is filled with baby backs and country style in the pans. I did the Texas crunch on the ribs prior to the single mopping of my own sauce as you can see. The smoke you see is cherry wood. Found a guy with Apple and Cherry orchards that is loaded with cut wood. He only charged something like 10 or 20 bucks for half a truck full. Seasoned too. I am also using a baffle plate from Works well. I am having my OKJ welded in a few areas right now. Hopefully have it for the 4th. The firebox was welded together as the RTV gasket stuff is crap at over 500 degrees. I scraped it all off and paid my friend who welds to fix that problem. He is now welding the box to the actual pit. For any Charbroil versions of the OKJ out there, do not use RTV....get the thing welded as its done correctly!!! As for paint for the smokers, I have some sanding and pressure washing to do. I just got some left over paint from a co-worker that has a side business using a 2,000 degree paint that cures at 480. NASA uses it and it runs 500 bucks a gallon. I got 6 cans from him since his client requires fresh cans. Cannot go past 30 days shelf life for them and he ends up with a disposal fee. So I am helping him out.[​IMG]  here is my backyard can see that f*cking orange RTV gasket crap in this picture.


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