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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by jsdspif, Nov 11, 2011.

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    This doesn't have much to do with smoking but it's a story my dad would usually tell around this time of year every year . The kind where you've heard it before but no one is rude enough to say "we've heard this before " because he enjoyed talking about it . He ran a plastic injection molding company so he produced plastic parts , and he had salesmen in different areas around the country . Every so often the salesmen would receive a box of various parts that had been made to use as examples of what they were making . One of the salesmen didn't really care for the samples so the boxes would usually sit unopened for quite a while . One time about this time of year the guy got another box and told the delivery guy "oh great , more sample parts I don't need , just set the box down over there " . You probably see where this is going .... as time goes by an odor begins to develop and then more time goes by and the odor is getting to the point that people down the hall from the guys office are smelling the smell and asking "what stinks in here ?" . We all supposed the guy was probably getting somewhat used to the smell . Anyway , finally someone starts inspecting and realize the smell is coming from a certain box , and the guy says "those are just more sample parts they sent me about a month ago ". The other person said " it's this box " so they open it and inside was a note , "please enjoy this smoked turkey as an early Christmas gift "

         My dad didn't tell funny stories very much but this one would really get him worked up . Of course him telling it was quite a bit better than me typing it . Kind of one of those " you had to be there " type of things , that we the family saw and heard about once a year . I'm sure just about every family has that type of thing , or at least I hope so .
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    Good story!
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    LOL---Great story!!!

    You had a Dad like that, too!!!

    We heard the hunting stories all the time---funny thing was, we were in some of those hunts too!!

    He'd start telling, and we'd just look at each other & smile, "Hmmm here we go."


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    Great story...My dad always had a story for every situation my brother and I would get into...always with a Moral to the Story...Funny thing was the same story was often "Tweeked" to fit!...JJ

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