Full Pit Smokin...10-05-08

Discussion in 'Pork' started by kajun, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. well i haven't smoked anything in a few months now...had to take a break to lower my cholestrol #'s , but they couldn't keep me away forever!! the guys at work been beggin me to smoke some butts and a couple of them came up to me with a wad of $$ and said to cook some up...so who am i to disappoint? [​IMG] tommorow is our bi-annual physcial fitness test...so after doing pushups, situps and running a mile and half...we'll eat some Q to replace those calories we burned lol

    i got 4 butts, 4 chickens, a slab of ribs , a rabbit and a tray of gibblets from the chickens.....i have another slab of ribs, fatty fixins and ABT fixins but they won't fit today, so gonna save it for another day....might throw a fatty on later though if something can be pulled to make room...

    i plan on doing a Q-Video but the camcorder was dead..so here's the beginning in pics...i'll start vid-ing as soon as battery is good...

  2. fishawn

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  3. here's some pics about 3-4 hours into the smoke...using alot of pecan wood...with alil hickory


  4. bmudd14474

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    With a pit full of food that looks that good i am sure you will not disappoint anyone. Great Job. [​IMG]
  5. forluvofsmoke

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    Got her pretty full alright. If it feels as good as it looks, well you must be like your on the stairway to heaven ('cept your still walkin' n' kickin').

    Keep her happy, looks like a winner!

  6. pinkmeat

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    Dang, that's how you fill up a smoker. NICE!
  7. carpetride

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    Good lookin grub
  8. bassman

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    I like full smokers. Nobody ever goes away from here hungry either[​IMG]
  9. pineywoods

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    Looks great gonna be some happy full people tomorrow [​IMG]
  10. cheapchalee

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    Real nice, I'm jealous
  11. love the bbq song - explains a lot about this forum ;-)
    Great looking smoker too.
    Like the way you've even used the warming rack :)
    Be interested to know how the rabbit comes out - got quite a few in our freezer.
  12. vlap

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    Now there is a smoker being put to good use! Very nice... [​IMG]
  13. okie joe

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    WEEE DOGGGGIIeeees that looks great, That will knock the wrinkles out of you stomach.....Goodin real goodin...
  14. ck311

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    Yep that sure is a nice full smoker with some good looking grub there
  15. gnubee

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    How do you keep from drooling on the food. Man that looks yummmmmmmmie
  16. well heres a few pics that i took towards the end....gonna try to throw together the video i took soon.....

    i took 2 of the chickens and one of the butts and put them in roasting pans and added onions, green onions, mushrooms and peppers, apple juice,southern basting oil, dales seasonings, alil water and wrapped in foil and then finished up in oven....its makes a great gravy and the veggies are delicious!! give it a try......pulled 2 of the butts for PP..and left one butt for the guys to just cut up how they wanted, the rabbit was awesome!! was nice and tender after wrapping it.....needless to say there was nothing left by the end of the day lol

    here are the pre-oven pics...





  17. cowgirl

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    Mmmm Kajun, that looks wonderful![​IMG]
  18. capt dan

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    Gotta give ya a "high five". very nice ambitious smoke. Gotta swing some points your way. Thought about it the other day when the thread started, but we only get a limited amount of points, and I wanted to see how it all ended up.

    Ya did GOOD!
    I wish I was there to give ya a"mouthful thumbs up"![​IMG]

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