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  1. Welded up my Mini-Smoker this weekend, and am ready to start figuring out her quirks when it come to fire.   

    For you mini-smoker operators out there,  what kind of fuel do you use?  Charcoal?  Lump?  Sticks?    What works for you and what have you found that doesn't work?   
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  2. sawruff

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    all i have try is charcoal one tube full runs mine for 3 or so hours  its great get it going ever hour put some wood on  let it go     the bad is 2 tubes full ash fells her up so i made a ash pusher  for the long smokes    i want to try lump  next to see what that does   hope thats help

    SAWRUFF    Scott
  3. duck killer 1

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    i use wood chunks. i cut a log into 2" or 3" long sections and then split it like normal and use a few chunks at a time.
  4. panjammi

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    I would love to see a pic of your mini-smoker to determine the best source of fuel for it.  Without that pic I cannot give you an informed decision or options.  Can you put one up quick enough?
  5. sqwib

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    My mini smoker uses 4 charcoal briquets broken into 3 pieces and I GET about 3 hours of heat, of course mine is real small. made it from a tea kettle
  6. slimtony1974

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