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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by bunky, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. bunky

    bunky Smoke Blower

    I was given my Smoke N Pit Professional and I went and done the following mods, added to the smoke Stack to make it grill level, added a Baffle between fire box and Smoke chamber, built a new charcoal Tray with sides, put in a new Temp gauge (in original Hole) , I put RTV silicone and rope seal to seal the firebox lid, I still can't regulate the temps, [​IMG]

    Today I smoked a couple of Fattys' Started with a 3lb coffe can of Hot Coals (BGE) and piled unlit around it, Removed the can, Temps went up to 235-240 with the door damper shut stayed there for a while, Would Cool down until the coal dies down The lid that was nice and tight before I started the fire had a big old gap.. So I weighted it down and sealed it up again,

    Has anyone welded the lid shut on a SNP ???

    I'm about to buy a new unit and have been looking at either a ECB or a Verticle for Around $130 Anyone have any opinions or suggestions??
  2. peculiarmike

    peculiarmike Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    The ECB is cheap and works. My GOSM 3000C cost a bit more, is basically a square ECB with more capacity, and it also works, though a larger water pan would be nice because it tends to run dry faster than it should. That can be dealt with by filling the water pan with sand. Both produce good Q.
    The GOSM has better air flow regulation and that is what controls the temperature inside any smoker. [​IMG]
  3. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Also, have you been trying to keep ash buildup out of the box?

    Also, how bout welding a couple dogs onto the lid/firebox and clamping with visegrips?
  4. deejaydebi

    deejaydebi Smoking Guru

    I love my ECB but I also love my Smoke Vault which is similar to the GOSM or Brinkman vertical but bigger.

    Maybe you could extend the lid by an inch or so with sheet metal?
  5. bunky

    bunky Smoke Blower

    Today I'm going to put some bigger holes in my Charcoal Grate to make sure there's no chance for ash build up.

    I also was thinking of trying some foil Tape (for HVAC) on my Door there seems to be a pretty good gap, that might not be letting enough air in to keep my fire from cooling down, I thought I would try this before making a new door to see if this is where my problem lies...

    Has anyone used this foil tape??
  6. gypsyseagod

    gypsyseagod Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    have you tried a water pan just inside the main chamber under the cooking grate closest to the firebox ? that seems to help regulate temps quite a bit.
  7. bunky

    bunky Smoke Blower


    I have a water pan in my smoking chamber with approx 1/2 gal of water.. I also have have a baffle if I slide the pan up to the baffle most of the opening is covered, So I leave the water in the middle...
  8. bunky

    bunky Smoke Blower

    When others are smoking do you leave the Smoker drains open or closed ?????
  9. gypsyseagod

    gypsyseagod Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    can you get a pic of it-i've see pics ofthe pit but they never show a drain. where is the drain-which end ?
  10. bunky

    bunky Smoke Blower

    Here's a picture of my Drain, it's located on end below the smoke stack...

    in the other picture it shows the design difference of my lids from the char griller...
  11. gypsyseagod

    gypsyseagod Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    i'd go w/ the drain closed as it may be sucking air & yer heat/smoke is transferring across the top of the pit.- just my 2 cents.
  12. bbq bubba

    bbq bubba Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Forgive me but i'm not sure i understand your problem.........
    You come up to temp and then it dies out??
    Sound's like your using a basket, good idea, open all the vent's till you got your temp and then close the damper down lil at a time to level out your heat, you should be able to carry temp 3 or 4 hrs with your set-up
    One problem i see is your exhaust stack is missing the extension, your not getting any draw like that, actually may be your WHOLE problem!
  13. bunky

    bunky Smoke Blower


    The problem I'm having is Not getting the Temp up But it's getting it to come back down I think my Door was allowing too much draft even with the damper closed... Today I built a Temporary door that sealed me right up.. So tomm I will try it out...

    I do have the extension it was just off in the picture, I take it off to put the cover on....
  14. gypsyseagod

    gypsyseagod Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    i got yer prob w/ the snp- get the pit to temp before you add water to the pan- then give it 30 mins or so to level out. now end of cook temp sustainability has been my prob- it just takes practice & time....
  15. wavector

    wavector Smoking Fanatic

    I'm converting my vertical SNP King Smoker to a horizontal using a 3/8" thick x 27" long x 16" dia. piece of steel pipe for a fire box. I have a welder on lay-away and will weld a frame, grates, etc. for the heavy, heavy fire box/grill and smoker box. I'm hoping the extra thick steel will help hold temperatures steady for hours and hours. I have never welded before, so I'll have to practice and get instructions from guy I know that welds machine parts before I attempt this. There is a lot of scrap steel out in the yard of this machine shop. Old air compressor tanks, pre-cut round steel 1/16" thick plates, 1/16" thick x 4" dia. pipe, etc. Looks like a playground.

    I'm also thinking of adding a misting system for moisture and fire dampening/extinguishing. I have found a local company that is going to help me with this part of the venture. Going to weld 1/16" thick x three stock on the inside of the door hole to keep smoke from leaking around the gaps of the door same on the fire box (1 to 1-1/2" lip to cover the gaps). There will be one added feature to the fire box, another smoke stack with damper and an adjustable damper between the firebox and smoker box. I'm using 1/4 " thick tuning plates for heat control inside the smoking chamber.

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