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Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by simsfmly, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. Did my first smoke the other day, made some mods, now today (in the rain) was going to do a sirloin tip.

    Only had a 2# roast (maybe that was the problem) but I switched to a mix of briquettes and lump.  Used the minion method, the briquettes were all lit in the chimney, smoker never got over 275 and the roast was up to 130 (with two different thermometers) after 57 minutes.

    Used the bottom rack, had water in the pan.

    Open to your suggestions on what is going on?

    Can't handle the inconsistencies.
  2. daveomak

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    Dump the water and control the temps with the air inlet......  Water sucks up all the btu's the coals can put out...  causing low temps and wasting heat from the coals.....  Rain on the smoker sucks up the btu's also.....    Start with mostly unlit briquettes with the lump buried....  add 8-10 lit coals.... regulate the temp with lower air intake ....  leave the upper air exhaust open..... Dave  
  3. Dave,

    Thanks for your reply.  

    I don't think I wasted any heat from the coals.  My problem today was, IMO, too MUCH heat or too small a roast.  Any other reason why my 2# roast would have gotten to 130 in less than an hour?

    Been two hours, taken off the water and the temps are now around 325, so I'm thinking I might have had TOO many coals on the grate.  Definitely a difference between the briquettes and the lump coal.  Everyone notes that the lump burns hotter, this is the second time with briquettes and can't agree with that.

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