Frozen Hog Casings

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I picked up ALOT of hot casings about a year ago and they been frozen solid in the freezer ever since.  I was just curious on your thoughts of should I toss these out or are they still ok?  I have read that they lose their strength and can tear.  Thinking of tossing them but figured I'd ask those who have maybe been down that road before. 


    I picked up new ones just in case[​IMG]

  2. I've never frozen casings before but I can't imagine that it being good for them. Seeing as they are a natural products, I'd think the freezing process would weaken the casings and have a negative effect when stuffed. 

    Wait and see what others say though, but that's just my "thoughts". 
  3. Thanks for the reply.  I know that's what I thought too but then the butcher that I had purchased them from told me to freeze them so I just did.  Figured he would know I guess.  It goes against pretty much everything I read on here (and other places) which is to store them in the fridge with a little salt and optional dash of vinegar.
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    I always pack my casings in salt refrigerate they  stay quite well. Freezing may cause freezer burn.
  5. what is the lifespan of keeping them in the fridge? thx
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    In storage, I would skip the vinegar... the acid could eat up the casings... I totally cover my casings in pickling salt... toss them so it's everywhere... and refer in a styro cup and lid... little or no water.... been there for years... and still are fine....
    Some casings come in liquid.... mine didn't so that's why I store them "dry" in salt...
  7. I have stored casings in salt for 3+ years with no problems
  8. how to you determine how much salt?
  9. and does it matter what kind of salt?
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  11. tropics

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    I put as much as I can to keep the salt just barely damp. When you want to use them take the amount you need out, the night before and soak in the fridge
  12. tropics

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    Any non iodized will work Pickling salt is the purest.

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