Frozen Batteries?

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by saltine, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. Ever since the temps have dropped below freezing, my Taylor 532 Connoisseur has been shutting off randomly.  It works fine above say 30deg, but starts to shut off anywhere below that after about an hour.  Will changing the batteries to lithium correct this?  Maybe the unit can't handle those temps period?  I couldn't find any post about this, but it also seems like a lot of you live in warmer climates.  I have emailed customer support, but received a scripted response that didn't address the issue.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Are they regular 1.5 volt AA or AAA alkaline batteries.  Or are they button batteries?  I Know alkaline is the best way to go when I'm ice fishing and have had no problems in the cold.  !.5 & 3 volt button batteries don't work well in the cold. I do know that LCD screens need to have a built in heater in fish finders for winter use or they'll freeze up.  

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    Is it possible that the cold temps are making whatever makes contact to the batteries constrict? Thus giving a bad connection
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  5. They are AA alkaline batteries.
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    I don't think the unit handles below freezing temps.  The LCD display will start to act up even if the batteries are good when it's below freezing.
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    My Maverick 732 shows LLL when the probes are below 30. When the smoker gets above 30 it works.
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    Regular battery is 1.5V

    Li-ion battery (rechargeable) is 3.7V

    NiMH (rechargeable) is 1.2V

    Make sure that they can work in your device.

    To keep your unit working in freezing weather, get a thermal gel pack, microwave it for a couple of minutes and put it next to your unit. It will keep it warm for a couple of hours or more.

  9. I had actually thought about using hand warmers in a sock or something.

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