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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by cableguynoe, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. cableguynoe

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    Hey guys,

    I just got myself a GMG Daniel Boone.

    I have had a Traeger junior elite for about one year. Love it! No complaints. Nothing but great food. My only regret is having bought such a small smoker. Was about to buy the lil tex, but did some research and seems GMG gives me a lot more features, so decided to try it.

    Have yet to smoke anything. Hoping to maybe get some tips on using this smoker, any info you guys can give me that might help me use or maintain it.

    So far I have a few questions.

    Manual says wind shields are optional on my model. So I didnt put them in. Should I just put them in? I live in California, not a very windy area. Not sure if it hurts anything being installed.

    Also, on the wifi feature, does anyone shut it down using the fan mode but always leave the switch on?

    I thought of this because if I leave the switch on, I can turn on the smoker and get the on cycle running right from my phone. But not sure if it's bad to leave that switch on.

    Been playing with wifi feature and so far I'm loving being able to control temperatures from my phone.

    Another thing on the wifi, saw a video of a guy changing the wifi from point to point to wifi mode. My app doesnt have this feature. He was on android? Does android have a more advanced app and iOS?

    Sorry to throw all this in but I just wanted to get all my questions out in one thread.

    Already have learned a lot from this place. Wish I would have joined a long time ago.
  2. Welcome to the forums.  

    Where in California are you?  I am in the Stockton area.

    I have a Jim Bowie,  and the best I can say is to test various setups.  It took about a day or so to get it dialed in.  the best way is to put a temp probe on the left, one in the middle and then one more on the right about an inch above the grate (I used potatoes as stands).  Let it run for a bit to where the temps start to level out.  From there record the temps and then do it again moving the deflectors around until you get all three as close a possible.  for mew personally the best was all the holes on the deflector plugged with foil and just having the gap between the bottom of the deflectors an the bottom of the smoker as the most acurate setup.  In my Jim Bowie I am +/-10 degrees left to right.

    I am not sure about the apps, I haven't upgraded to the wifi system yet.  I have left the system on over night by accident before to no ill effects,  though being a firefighter's son I tend to turn it off and unplug it after every use.
  3. cableguynoe

    cableguynoe Newbie

    Thanks for the reply. I am in the monterey area.

    Wow that's some pretty intense testing. I would have just assumed everything was pretty even inside. I am going to give that a try one of these days to see what I get.

  4. bregent

    bregent Smoking Fanatic

    Check over at Pelletheads if you have questions about the app - lots of Wifi users there.
  5. Cool.

    I try to get get down there at least a couple of times a year.  I graduated from CSUMB and did some volunteer work in Monterey during my college days.

    When I go there I try to hit up El Rancho Market in Marina,  They have some marinated tri-tip that is the bomb and a carne asada burrito that is too die for.  Last time I was there I picked up 12 marinated tri-tips and a burrito.  I had the burrito on the way home and has to pull over to take a nap cause it put me into a food comma.
  6. bregent

    bregent Smoking Fanatic

    What are you guys using for pellets? I've been using Bear Mountain from Cash and Carry. Good price and they work well, but curious what else is readily available in N. California. I'm in the SF Bay Area. 
  7. I have been using Bear Mountain from C&C as well.  Many of the Ace Hardware's carry Traeger pellets, but aI am not sure of anywhere else.

    I got my grill from a guy out of San Luis Obispo.  He mainly sells GMG, CookinPellets and Lumberjack (  The only downside is he only sells by the half or full pallet.

    Many times he gets shipments going through my area and offers to add an order for me onto the order so I don't have to pay much in shipping.  If you can get some friends he has done drop shipments to local warehouses where you can pick up.
  8. cableguynoe

    cableguynoe Newbie

    lol!!! I actually live in Watsonville but work in monterey. Know these areas well. I've had many burritos at El Rancho market. But I've never noticed their tri tip. I will check it out next time I pass through there.

    I have a gmg dealer nearby so I bought some gmg pellets. Before this I had only used Traeger. But I would love to try cookinpellets but shipping is a little steep. Are they worth the few extra dollars over gmg pellets?
  9. Got any Pics ?

  10. According to CookinPellets site, there is a dealer in Antioch.

    John - 925-457-8803 - [email protected]

    We can see what he charges and then maybe do a drop or pickup.  If a pick up is done, maybe we can meet somewhere to disperse the bags.

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