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  1. I'm from Dubuque, IA and I work at John Deere Dubuque Works. I'm an avid outdoorsman and could truly live off of the land if need be. I have a Cajun Injector Smoker that I truly enjoy using. I have a great understanding of meats since most of my family used to work at the packing plant before it was shut down. I really enjoy smoking meats but I don't follow the standards of smoking. I inject and season whatever I smoke using the mixture I create from scratch and usually use mesquite chips but find a mixture and three good smoke sessions really make it taste like it does. At this moment I'm smoking a beef brisket with a unique seasoning I make using red wine and beef broth. Upon reaching an internal temp of 175, I then pull out the meat and let it sit for 10 minutes in my oven on keep warm. When I serve this particular recipe, it never lasts long. My boys eat it non stop until it's gone.
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