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  1. I would like to see what my fellow Okies thoughts are on this subject; What is the OVERALL best wood to smoke with, why, and give one example of a great smoke you had with this wood.
  2. Mine would be pecan wood. My reasoning is that the wood puts plenty of smoke flavor but it still adds that hint of sweetness that is just the perfect compliment to any meat I throw in my smoker. For instance my thanksgiving turkey this year, Used the pecan wood and the bird came out with a beautiful smoke ring and also a wonderful flavor that i believe couldnt have been achieved with any other wood
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    Sorry I missed this until just now, Owl.  I'll give it a bump...Pecan is also one of my favorites, for all the reasons you gave, plus it is abundant in my part of the state.  But for me, IMHO you can't beat hickory.  Good for any kind of meat, always available in quantity, I love the flavor it gives to food.  What I like to do is mix some fruit wood, usually apple or cherry, with hickory.
  4. I do the same as SeenRed, hickory or pecan with apple n cherry mixed together. Now my Dad has a lot of pecan trees, and I'll generally use pecan over hickory, but that depends on how much pecan wood I can get from Dad.

  5. I LOVE HICKORY !!! i use it on my brisket , but for my ribs i use a mix with apple or pecan depending on what taste i want.
  6. I have a preference for hickory and peach combo but am happy to get whatever I can. Cheap is good, free is better. Apple, maple, pecan, oak, pear have all made their way into the pile.
  7. We use pecan and hickory, since they're available. How's the pear? My aunt's pear tree is likely to lose some limbs this fall. Ice storms this winter did a number on the pecan trees, so we're using a bunch of it. We also have some black walnut but that will be an experiment.
  8. We have acres of hickory and oak, so we use those. Pecan is abundant enough places that is it no problem to source.

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