Fridge Smoker Venting / Fans.

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    Allright gents. Trying to work out a formula for proper venting of these fridges. Seems like we have a lot of "I got a bunch and it works" and a lot of "I have a couple and need more". If you all would be gracious enough to provide some data, I would like to put together something to help determine what venting / fan assist may be needed.

    I've seen plenty of formula for chimneys on smokers but adding positive flow fans and the forced induction of the pellet smokers (if equipped) changes those up.

    If you could provide:

    heat source

    # vents and diameter

    # additional intake vents

    # additional circulation fans / cfm / type of drive (fan blowing on intake vent, fan direct intake (no bypass), etc)

    Insulation used on fridge

    Inside cuft

    Any additional information, IE, cooking results, ambient temps vs chamber temps, challenges etc.

    We really need to get a general idea of what is needed.

  2. wvuarmyeng

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    Man this will come in handy. I'm finishing up the insert tonight and havent made any set plans on intakes and exhaust. I'm using a smoke daddy pellet hopper for heat. I believ my unit is 48"x60"x28". I have a thread stared in here with pics. I'll post more tonight when I get home

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