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Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by bsimm78, May 4, 2013.

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    1st test run will be today and seasoning will be done at that time. I decided to paint it with Desert-Tan Truck bed liner for durability and then added some artwork. Will still be adding artwork as time allows. The John Wayne artwork is for my dad and I. The panda is for my daughter (her favorite animal). I plan on adding other artwork that represents members of my family but that takes time and A LOT OF THOUGHT AND CONSIDERATION. Anyway, here are some pics of the build from start to finish. The only thing I did not take a pic of was the door seal. Everyone uses that fiberglass rope but I actually ordered some high-temp silicone door seal and used that instead. It's water-tight and provides an UNBELIEVABLE SEAL!!! I will upload pics of the seal today before I actually test run the smoker! For anyone interested I got the seal at mcmastercarr. Without further ado, the pics:


    Castor wheels have been mounted, although temporarily because I want to build a sturdy frame for them eventually. I also mounted a 16" handicap grab bar to the back for a push/pull handle to help with the rolling around. It also serves as a mount for the female plug for my thermocouple. I cut a square hole in the handle, ran the thermocouple wire out the back of the fridge, through the handle and mounted the plug. I wi get pics of that as well. Everything is designed to be plug and play so I can completely plug/unplug the controller box and store it inside. Sorry i don't have an actual FINISHED PRODUCT pic yet but I will have that today also. Hope you guys like it! This is a HUGE accomplishment for me. I have ProgressiveRelapsing Multiple Sclerosis so just finding time where I am actually healthy enough to physically work on it has been hard. All the work was done from a wheeled office chair to conserve my energy. I got this fridge from my grandad 25 June 2012 and it's taken this long to get where I'm at with this project. So I would like to say this, "It doesn't matter your siduation, financially or physically (I don't make much money so most everything for this project was salvaged or given to me for b-day or Christmas gifts) but, if you have a dream and a drive to do it, it can be done! I'm living proof! I'm 34 and need a cane to walk short distances, can't stand for very long and need a mobility go go any farther than about a block. Being able to work on this project has been the best therapy because, even if I only spent 10 minutes on it, for those 10 minutes, I "forgot" I was sick. It was the best therapy in the world! If I can do it with my situation (sick, disabled and poor) anyone can and I HIGHLY recommend doing it. I haven't had this much fun in a long time and haven't felt this good about myself in a long time either.
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    That looks very cool, bsimm!  I'm looking forward to seeing some Thin Blue Smoke coming out of it!  Love the John Wayne father and I are also big Duke fans. 

    Sorry to hear your struggles with the MS, but it's very heartening to know that you battle through and try not to let it keep you down.  Hang in there brother, and stay strong.  And Keep Smokin'!

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    Nice job on your smoker and good luck with your test run!

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    Thanks Red,

    My dad got me hooked on John Wayne when I was little. He also told me this, "Never start a fight but if it happens, you better finish it!" MS started this fight but I'm determined to fight back as hard as I can...never quit!
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    And as promised, pic of door seal[​IMG]
  6. bsimm78

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    It's working! PID is going through autotune, temp between pid and wired thermometer are 2 degrees off and I have smoke!
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    Very nice!  I'm thinking of replacing my door seal with that silicone also, if I can find some thick enough.
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  8. bsimm78

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    This is 3/4 inch but i think they sell it up to 1" thick.
  9. michael ark

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    Looks great! Keep on working. I'm watching.
  10. roller

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    Looks great esp the door...
  11. wade

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    Looks fantastic. Well done great achievement [​IMG]

    A couple of questions...

    It looks as if you took out the insulation. Was there any reason for this as the insulation can help to keep the internal temperatures stable. Maybe you replaced it with something else?

    What are you using as your smoke source?

  12. bsimm78

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    I removed the old insulation because of mildew. There were rust holes in the bottom of the body and it had been sitting too long. I re-insulated thought so no worries. For a smoke source I had to go easy since I'm on an EXTREMELY limited budget but what I ended up doing is buying a 5 dollar campfire popcorn popper. It has a pot with a fold-back lid and is already pre-drilled with lots of tiny holes to let smoke out. Got it from Walmart with free ship to store. I throw in a handful of woodchips, close the lid, and place directly on heating element. I found that, if I let the unit reach cooking temp before I set the wodchip pan I can get between 3-4 hours of smoke from a handful of chips.
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    I did a little more "artwork" to the door. I am currently enjoying tremors and my hands shake but I did my best. Anyway, I did one for my chocolate lab Daisy and a deer crossing sign but didnt add any yellow yet. My daughter loved the art but said, "How come the picture of Daisy is bigger than my Panda (the panda represents my daughter)?" We both had a good laugh as she said, "My panda needs to be the biggest thing on there...even bigger that John Wayne! And I finally got to say," That'll be the day!" What's awesome about this little story is because, even though she doesn't care for westerns, she has watched EVERY JW movie with me and said," I can't believe you just quotes The Searchers to me!" It had both of us laughing.

    And some picsof the Panda baby girl Tori[​IMG][​IMG]
  14. wade

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    Great photos of Tori - did you take them?
  15. bsimm78

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    Heck no!! She has a really good friend, who is a year older, that is an artist/photographer and says my daughter is a good subject. The photographers name is Emily Freed or Freid or something and has a studio in Marshall, Texas.
  16. That refrigerator is the same type and brand as mine. Wht type of insulation did you use? Also good work on the
  17. Thanks for the pics and suggestions here! I'm a newb and plan on doing a fridge smoker myself so this is a nice thread to follow. Stay strong my friend!

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