fridge smoker but want to use a fire box

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    Time to start a new build... my 60 gal reverse flow i built is an amazing smoker but.. itsnot big enough for big family gatherings. So I picked up a 1950s? Era fridge had to remove all the insulation due to it being soaked in water so right now all I have is a shell but its solid and pretty big over 6 ft tall 3 1/2 ft wide I have seen a lot of these built with electric stove parts and fancy temp controls those are great but I want a sidemounted box and iI can't find much. I need some info if anyone can help and pictures of your smokers if possible
  2. When you say a side mount box, do you want an actual fire box or a pellet setup?
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    Firebox... I like to baby sit the smoker I hate the idea of a "smoker" that u set a temp and walk away.. Thats a oven not a smoker lol
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    I built a fridge smoker over last winter and have only used it once so far and it worked well.

    I did use an electric element for mine but I have thought that I could easily add a fire box by removing the lower forced air vent and making a fire box that would slide into that space. It would have to be a small fire box but it seems like that would work.

    Here is a link to my build;


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