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    I think I might have screwed up my new fridge design. I know you usually want 1.3 firebox size on offset smokers but is that the same for insulated vertical smokers that will be using the snake burn? Looking at the BBQ Vault it looks like their firebox doesn't come close to being 1.3 the size. When I plug in my dimensions in feldons calculator mine is at 66%. What are you guys thoughts?
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    Good question hope someone that knows answers you!
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    I got the firebox size down but now its how much space between water pan and side wall to allow heat and smoke to come up into the cook chamber. The firebox will have a gap all the way aroung it that will open into the firebox below. How much space do you think there should be all the way around? 1" 1.5"? Any help would be great
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    I'm in the process of building my fridge smoker to. It's going to be trial and error but I made a plate and used all thread to secure it.if the fridge gets to hot I'll lower the plate. To cold I'll raise it. Will allow my opening to grow or shrink.
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    You could mount your fins permanent on the side and the water pan could be adjustable to get the temp you desire
  7. How did you figure out the firebox size? I am in the design process of converting my 1947 GE to a RF smoker. Thanks.
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    To be completely honest it was a guess that came out perfect according to feldon calculator. I searched around and couldnt really find an answer on whether pit calculations for offset and vertical are the same. Looking at some insulated smokers like spicewine and pitmaker you can see that the firebox is smaller than 1/3 aize of CC. I based mine off of how much space I needed between racks and then how many racks I needed. This gave me dimensions for firebox and CC. After putting in water pan I plugged in the measurements into the feldon calculator and got 102% on firebox and 99% on stack so I lucked out.

    I would personally find out how much cook space you need and go from there. Figure out how far apart the racks will be then you can get dimensions of CC. The rest would be firebox and you can design it to have maximum airflow to keep a clean fire with smaller space.
  9. That makes sense to me GolfPro. Thanks for the input.

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