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  1. madman mike

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    SO i have a customer that wants me to build

    going to build it in the same manor i built my last one but tweeked a little. 

    already built the one on the right, now to get started on the left fridge.

    Going to be electric with a 1550w electric finned strip heater controlled with an Auberins 1800w dual probe PnP controller and a smoke Daddy Magnum pig as my smoke source. it will be in a hot kitchen so i am not concerned about heavy creosote build up that some people complain about. 

    Just like my last build i will be putting all my controls into a custom control box like this. Makes mounting the PID way better looking and safer. 

    list of supplies

    Auberins dual probe 1800w controller 

    rocker switch for main power, you can reuse the switch from the Auberins controller if you're careful dis-assembling the unit, otherwise take the switch into an electronics place that sell the components youll need and match it up with a new one.  like this one 

    toggle switch to control the air pump on the smoke daddy

    wire terminal for wiring everything nice and clean and easily 

    The control box has to be no less than 4" deep/ the one in my 1st build is 8"w x 8" h x 4"d and it seems to be the perfect size. 

    the tw switches in the pic are for the convection fan and element i sue for smoking in a mailbox mod type of smoke generator. Because i use this one at home and outside in the winter i am thinking of adding a switch to tunr on the leemtn and bypass the controller. Reason being is that when i turn on the smoker and its colder than 30F i have to somehow warm the unit up over 30F before the controller will acknowledge the temps and turn on the element. Wont be an issue with my new build as it will be inside its whole life.

    Ill have the rest of the components next week and start to put it together with a step by step via photo's.

    stay tuned,
  2. Where did you pick up your Fridges, and how much?
  3. madman mike

    madman mike Smoking Fanatic

    the one on the right o found on Kijiji for $100 and the other one i found for free.

    i actually have 2 more fridges as well, but one still works and the other one is large enough to fit the one on the right inside of. Not sure what to do with the really big one, might take it to the scrap yard, its waaaay bigger than anything ill ever need and likely not going to build another one for anyone that will need that large of a smoker either. 
  4. I'm looking for one to use in Competition for ribs. Thanks for the info.
  5. Nice work Mike, I thought about going with a stainless steel fin strip heater for my build but could not find enough information how it would perform.  If I have problems with mine I might make that switch.

    Hard to find them old fridges around here!
  6. madman mike

    madman mike Smoking Fanatic

    Will be my first build with a finned strip, it gets glowing red and the company i ordered it from said it will work just fine for my application.

    Several guys on this forum have used them with success. 
  7. hugestapedius

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    most reading about the finned strip style heaters says they require air movement across them to keep them operating properly for prolonged periods of time. Have you thought about running a low cfm fan across it? The sausagr maker 100# smoke house
    uses similat setup . Check it out might be worth the
    little extra to protect ur element for trouble free
    here link to their smoker parts. Great resource.

    operation in future. Heres link to thier blower fan etc. Sure could be had cheaper elsewhere.
  8. madman mike

    madman mike Smoking Fanatic

    Should b ok. The company that made the element said this one will be fine. I also plan on having an air intake with a ball valve the comes in right under where the element will be so that the fresh air comes right accross the element helping it with direct flow.  It will have a fair bit of free space all around the element as wll. That is usually what kills them when no forced air is present. if they are too restricted then the over heat. 

    crossing my fingers this will all be a good set up.

    The fan is definitely worth considering though. 
  9. hugestapedius

    hugestapedius Fire Starter

    Def following along for progress and updates. Looking good
  10. madman mike

    madman mike Smoking Fanatic

    Has been a while since I update this build.
    Have the fridge in mid build now.

    Fridge was a little beat up. I pointed out the debts as much as I could and then cleaned it up with some body filler as best I could.

    It's off to get a sweet vinyl wrap now. Not sure what it will look like when I pick it up in a few weeks.
  11. madman mike

    madman mike Smoking Fanatic

    Have been getting some messages to show how I set up my controller on my 1srt build and how I'm doing it agian on this build.

    I took the controller out if t4o case.

    I always take a couple of pics like this so I know how to re-wire it.

    Once you've got a couple of pics for reference you can disconnect the board and take it all apart.

    You need at box to mount it in. If it's going to be outside make sure you can seal it with a cover.

    Minimum dimensions are 6"hx8"wx3.5"d(4"d is best)

    Once the opening is cut put the controller in and Mark the holes for mounting it.

    I found plastic bolts and nuts in the bulk nuts volts and fastener odds n ends section at home depot that work perfect. You'll need extra washers to make spacers.

    Mark and cut out a spot for the fuse holder and a power switch.

    I'll add more pics and direction when I finish building the control box.

    Something to note is the heat sink and other little thing connect to the box. Be careful with that piece. The ends bend and break off easily. It's cheap to replace, but kind of a pain to have to replace unless you're comfortable soldering.
  12. madman mike

    madman mike Smoking Fanatic


    Finally alll done my latest build and delivered to the customer!!

    Here is the finished smoker.

    the top right corner was smashed up pretty good as you can tell from earlier pics in the thread. I hammered it out as best I could then finished the repair with body filler. I am really happy with how well I managed to fix it. Its far better than I expected. The corners are almost and identical curve again. 

    I used a 1550w finend strip heater and put a 1.5" sink drain right under it for the best air flow across it. It works fantastic and doubles as a drain for any excess dripping or cleaning.

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  13. big treble

    big treble Newbie

    That is cool, looks to be an excellent build and a very cool paint job.

    Makes my mouth water.
  14. That's got to be the coolest paint job I've seen here and most other places!
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  15. madman mike

    madman mike Smoking Fanatic

    thanks Big T and Curse. its actually not a paint job. I had a vinyl wrap done on it. It was a sign maker and graphics design place that can print and wrap vinyl.
  18. I finally found one from a plumber friend of mine. It's a 68 Fridgeadair. I'll get pics when I get a chance. I'll start a thread when I start on it. Thanks for the info.

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