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    Thought I would start a thread for those that are interested in Catering or doing parties for massive amounts of people. One of the members of the golf club I am a pro at is on the booster board for the local High School. He loves BBQ and he comes out to some of my comps just to hang. He asked me earlier this year if I would be interested in helping out at the games. I said sure not really knowing what I was getting into. After many conversations it looks like I will be parking the competition trailer inside the stadium and serving some que out the side. This Friday will be the first game and the attendance will be low. Probably around 1500. Planning on 300 pork sammys and 100 hot dogs. Starting next week I will be throwing in Boiled Peanuts. The big one is next week with the rivalry game. 5000 in attendance and last year they sold 2000 burgers. I will post updates with pics on the operation over the next few weeks before and during the games to let anyone interested in large operation to learn from the many mistakes I am about to make. Below is details for every week. Let me know what you guys think

    300-600 sammys per game. Got butts for $.98/lb 

    100-200 hotdogs - dad will be doing these on the XL BGE

    Cajun boiled peanuts

    Supplies on hand:

    6 gallons williams brothers original sauce (I love this stuff)

    20lbs everglades rub

    2 gallons ketchup & mustard

    10"x12" sheets of foil for the dogs and sammys

    Myron Mixon finish sauce (amazing stuff if you have the recipe)


    Game Plan:

    Cooking all pork on Thursday the day before and vacuum sealing. Have 123lb that are going on the pitmaker vault this Thurs

    Hot dogs on the BGE

    reheat the pork on the vault starting 4 hours before gates open at the stadium

    using my GMG Jim Bowie as a warmer. Going to keep on 150* and store foiled sammys and dogs inside

    Volunteers will be working cash register and handing out the goods while I am tending to the smoker.

    *Anything you think I am forgetting please let me know. Looking forward to this opportunity, not because of the money but I enjoy being in chaotic situations like I am usually at a comp before turn ins. Seeing how I handle everything and the quality of the product put out for this many people will be nice to see*
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    Good luck, I'm sure you'll have fun!
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    Got everything started today. Fired up the vault and cooked all 16 butts. Going to do 1 tomorrow and chop it in front of everyone for a little show. Here are some pics. Will get more tomorrow during the game.

    ran out of vacuum bags so had to use the 2 gal zip loc

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    Can I assume you have all your Catering Permits, a Health Inspection Certificate, Liability Insurance and are meeting all State Laws including Certification in Safe Food Handling, like ServSafe or other?. Then there are County and Municipal Laws and Permits. The fines can be huge and a law suit from accidental food poisoning will make you and your family Homeless faster than you can say..." I made a mistake. " The laws vary greatly. Some states only allow catering out of Brick and Mortar operations. Others allow Certified Food Trucks but require all precooking and prep be done in a B&M Commisary. Others will allow a Cart or Trailer but require a host of equipent like Refrigeration, Hot Holding Equipment, designed for that purpose, Hand Washing Sinks, Fresh Water supply and Waste Water holding tanks. Families have gotten shut down for letting their 7 and 8 year old Daughters sell 50 cent Lemonade and Kettle Corn out in the front yard without a Permit and Health Inspection...I don't want to Rain on your Parade but I don't want to see any of our SMF Family in trouble...JJ
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  5. Also be careful of the use of volunteers. Depending on the state and local laws in your area, anyone that has to work specified hours and at a specified location are generally considered as employees. This brings several elements into effect, wages, workman's comp insurance, unemployment insurance, just to name a few. 
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    Sorry for late reply. Yes all licenses are good. Because it is a booster organization on school ground at athletic event it is a lot easier with licensing. As far as volunteers go it is my family and the parents of the players so no issues there. first game went well. I was at the other end of the field from the concession stand. I guess a few hundred people went to the concession stand to get pork sammys and they told them they had to walk down to me. They didnt feel like doing that so they got chicken at the PDQ stand. So I missed out on a lot but good thing is I have a lot of leftover meat that is vacuum sealed and ready to go for next week. Also, PDQ is getting moved to the other end of the field and I am taking there spot. Didnt take many pics but one thing I was pleased with was it was 100* outside and my AC kept the inside of my trailer between 69-72.

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