Fresh sausage not getting color. Still white.

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  1. My son brought over 6 lbs of what we thought was fresh Polish sausage. In my smoker now for close to 2 1/2 hrs. Skin has dried but the sausage is still white. My IT is close to 174. What did we buy?
  2. No clue!

    Post some pics.

  3. Ok. New info. This was bought in a real Polish store and my daughter in law told them what we wanted to do. According to meat store owner this is called Biala which translate to White Keilbasa. Just out of the smoker and out of the ice bath and on the racks to bloom.
  4. What color are you expecting?
    It's fresh sausage, right?
    IT 174? Yikes!

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    BEEYAH-wah keeyehw-BAH-sah

    Normally cooked in a pot or slow cooker.
  6. Well its looks pretty good and we are trying to post pics. They say this type of sausage is just like the regular color but a special type made for occasions. Again its called Biala.
  7. It's pretty much basic Polish sausage without the cure, we usually serve it during the holidays. Christmas and Easter, mostly.
    Biala=White in Polish.

  8. Yes Dig. A mix of pork,beef and veal. Looks like those babies are on the grill with Torpedo rolls mustard and kraut and a soup coming up. I will tell you it smells really good right from the store.
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  9. Well  it was overcooked. If not for that it was not too bad. The casing was not edible. Too tough. We tried saving it by grilling it and that did help the casing but it was just to dry to save. Flavor was good but I won't be doing it again.
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    That Biala is a fav of mine but usually just gets simmered with Sauerkraut, good grilled as well. I have had kielbasa With the cure simply simmered with sauerkraut. My Grandfather would make 100-200Lbs with Cure to be Smoked as is typical but hold back some un-smoked to be simmered like Biala. The flavor is great but the meat stays pink after cooking...JJ
  11. Yes I would do it again on the grill. I guess what  I wanted was freshly made cured sausage. I'm learning.

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