Fresh sausage I done on January 18, 2015

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  1. Just wanted to share this with the community:

    Made just over 5000g of sausages today.

    In the first pic you will see the ground meat and my grinder. The grinder is as cheap a model you can get probably around $100 Canadian and I had it for at least 5 years, it does not take up much space and is easy to clean. It would be a good investment for a newcomer to sausage making.

    Second picture is getting ready to stuff. I am using natural hog casings 29-32mm (I think) and I find them a superior product to collagen casings - a bit more work but a premium product. That is a 2250g (5lb) sausage stuffer that retails around $89 Canadian. I highly recommend getting one because it will be worth your time, effort and money. They are easy to clean and make the stuffing so easy. The only thing with mine is that it has plastic gears which is probably going to be the weakest part.

    Final picture is the end result. The ones on the left are non spicy and the ones on the right have some hotness (my preference) and the ones in the middle are either breakfast rounds or burgers.

    As for ingredients, we'll I like Italian (but not so much fennel or anise) so I guess they are italien inspired. I don't believe that I ever made sausages the same because I keep trying different things. But I can tell you the following ingredients are in them (salt, fennel, coriander, cbp, oregano, Hungarian and smoked paprika, green pepper powder and red wine vinegar) and the spicy ones I added some red pepper flakes and a dash of cayenne for good measure.

    Other than that, I am very pleased with the outcome. Hope you enjoy the information.

    In solidarity,

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    Nice looking sausages. I like the work area too!

    Excellent job, but you make it look so easy.
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  3. Thanks' I like to keep things very clean and organized. After grinding, I clean my grinder and anything else. Then move on to stuffing and clean again. I think there is more work in cleaning than making the sausage but that is worth the effort when you know you made a good product.

    In solidarity,

  4. Nice job, looks great !   very organized 


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