Fresh Sausage "Cure" Time

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by jeffphillips1, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. I was told by an old sausage maker that I should let fresh sausage set in the fridge for a few days to allow the seasonings time to spread out in the meat before freezing. He called it curing time, but he was not referring to fermented sausage.

    Does anyone else think this "curing" time is necessary?
  2. timberjet

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    I don't see where more than 24 hours would be needed to meld the flavors but I could be wrong. Since this is not cured sausage it doesn't seem to me that much time would be needed.
  3. danmcg

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    I always wait a day before trying my fresh sausage, but never leave it in the frig over 3 days before freezing
  4. boykjo

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    "Curing time" is not the correct term for this.  if you added some type of cure for long low smoking temperatures and time or fermenting sausages (non cooked). that would be more suitable for curing  time. Fermented sausage are finished by weght loss and pH
  5. tropics

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    I freeze mine usually within 3hrs., its going to age just the same when you are freezing it. Plus when you defrost it. Waiting IMHO is not as important as getting your spices blended with what ever liquid.
  6. crazymoon

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    I currently have venison breakfast sausage and  a wine/garlic sausage made with pork sitting in the fridge. They will sit in there for close to two days and then I'll freeze them up. IMHO  I've made 100's of pounds of sausage and I believe the spices permeate through the meat better when sitting for a few days. I mixed the meat until tacky after adding the spices but that doesn't distribute the spices evenly like a little rest in the fridge will do.

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