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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by fished, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. This may have been asked before.  If I buy fresh pork bellies and then freeze them, then make bacon and freeze that, would that be a problem?  I found bellies for $3.49 a pound, but it's still too hot to make bacon in central Texas.

  2. hwy199

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    Where you getting your bellies for $3.49 My place just went up to $4.99?
  3. I can't see why this wouldn't be fine. Warm smoking for bacon is preferred from what I've read. I'd imagine an overnight smoke in the smoker would keep it in the 100 range in your parts right?
  4. daveomak

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    Not a problem.... My bellies come frozen as do most, unless you get them from the slaughter house.... Then I cold smoke, between 50-70 degs. F... Partially freeze to slice easier, vac pack and freeze for long term storage....

    I have warm smoked bacon to 140 and I definitely prefer cold smoked....
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    Won't hurt a thing. I found a slab of frozen belly that I had rubbed with cure but didn't smoke cause I wanted salt bacon from last fall in our freezer. Took it out, thawed then let if form a pellicle and smoked it. Came out perfect, slightly salty, but definitely eatable
  6. Thanks fou your help guys.  Hwy199 it's at a mexican meat market in Cedar Park.  I stopped yesterday and that the price he gave me, but they were out.  He said they are gettng more in today.  I'll get the name of the place and post up latter when I go to pick some up.

  7. Well I guess I will have to find another source for pork bellies.  Everytime I call or go there they tell me they are out and when they are getting more in.  I check when they say they are going to have them, but they don't have any.  Maybe I'll just stick with buck board bacon, it's easier to find pork butts.
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    I just got a couple of pounds at $1.79 a pound at the commissary. Talked to the butcher, they come shipped in 30 - 40 lb boxes. I have used those bellies before and they were good.
  9. I was able to get a pork belly today for $3.49 per pound.  It looks like a good one.  I picked it up at Mexican meat market called La Adelita on highway 183 in Cedar Park.  Can't wait to make my bacon.  I plan on curing it this Saturday.

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