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  1. So my mother in law gave me this recipe for chorizo from her home town in Mexico which my fiance translated for me. I was wondering if this sounds like a good recipe. The 50 grams of laurel is what concerns me. I am assuming that is ground bay leaf. Wouldn't that be a lot of bay leaf powder? Not sure what Chinese oregeno is I am assuming just regular oregano. What do you guys think?

    5 kilos of chorizo

    5 kilos of pork collar
    25 grams of pepper
    25 grams of cumin
    25 grams of thyme
    25 grams of chinese oregano
    25 grams of laurel
    25 grams of clove
    200 grams of garlic( whole garlic)
    1 kilo of cascabel chile aka rattle chile
    1/2 liter of apple cider vinegar to taste

    Mode of preparation
    Clean out the peppers removing the stems and seeds and let them soak in the apple cider vinegar.
    Meanwhile grind all of the spices ( if not grinded but you can buy them grinded if you wish)
    Rub some of the spices on the meat all over the meat..rub it ...rub it...yeahh..yes...oh yes!

    Grind the chiles and the garlic together.
    Save the rest of the vinegar where you soaked the meat.
    Grind the meat in your meat grinder.
    Now mix the chiles, garlic and meat together and add the rest of the vinegar you saved. Add the rest of the spices and salt to taste.

    * You can add some ground ginger to prevent just need about 10 more than that or the meat will just taste like ginger...this is optional tho .

    * It is best to leave the chiles soaking in vinegar the day before

    * the 5 kilos of pork collar is the thickest part of the pork loin and has streaks of grease in between can also use 4 kilos of leg of pork and 1 kilo of pork cheek.
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  2. What are rattle chili's equivalent to in the midwest? Those look good.
  3. I couldn't find rattle chili either but I read this. cascabel pepper = rattle chile = bola chile = chile bola These are nicknamed rattle chiles because the seeds rattle when you shake them. They're a rich brown color and moderately hot. Substitutes: guajillo chile OR pequin pepper (much hotter) OR tepin pepper (much hotter) OR cayenne pepper (hotter)

    I bought guajillo was going to make it tomorrow just concerned by amount of laurel tho
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    Chile Cascabel is common and available in Mex stores or on-line, Spices Inc. is a good source. Now 1Kilo of Cascabel is about 357 Chiles and cost about $50! And 50 grams of Ground Clove and Bayleaf is nearly 1/2 Cup!...Are you sure that is right for 5 Kilos (11Lb of Pork)??? 50 Kilos sounds more reasonable...JJ


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  5. That's what I thought something didn't Seem right about the ratio. I did try the mex store couldn't find the rattle chili.
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    [​IMG] Yell man love chorizo when you get this worked out would love to see it again.
  7. I am hoping to get the correct ratio so I can make this tomorrow. Or at least attempt to make it lol
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    Just a rough guess but I would divide by 10, then combine all the spices and add 1/4 the spice blend at a time with all of the Chile puree. Mix the sausage and do a fry test, Too weak add another 1/4 of the spices and repeat until you are satisfied...JJ
  9. He said it was actually 25 grams per 5 kilos of meat but the chili stays the same but I might just make the chili slurry then add a little at a time to check for spicyness.
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    Even half the amount of everything, sounds like a lot and would be expensive. The smallest jar of McCormick whole or ground Cloves is 25g and cost over $5. If all the herbs and spices average out to $5, that is $35 in spices, $25 for 500g of Chiles, around $16 for the Pork and $4 for Garlic and Vinegar...That is about $80 for 5Kg...I guess our Hobby ain't Cheap...JJ [​IMG]
  11. Ya I know I spent like 70 dollars just in spices lol it still just doesn't seem right. Going to move forward and season as I go and see what happens lol. This will be my 2nd batch of sausage ever. I did 16 pounds of sausage last weekend which turned out pretty good but I used a 6 dollar pack of spices from old plantation lol so this batch is a bit more expensive.
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    Would love to see some pictures of your Chorizo making. Keep us posted on the results, that old mexican recipe just might be the bomb (a good thing!)
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    Can't wait to see how this one turns out.

    I love trying those old hand me down recipes.

    Hope this one didn't loose something in the translation.


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