Fresh ham for New Years!!!

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    I need some suggestions on how to prep and cook my fresh ham!
    Rub (if any)
    Hour per lb.
    Any thing else that maybe thought about. Thanks in advance and will definetly post pics.
  2. A fresh ham is just that, an uncured unsmoked hind leg of a pig.

    I bought one of those one Christmas many years ago and thought a crock pot would slow cook it just fine and it did.

    Once cooked we had very good tasting roast pork, not smoked, not cured ham just a roast rear leg of pork.

    If you want it to taste like ham, it must be cured and seasoning must be in the cure, such as brown sugar, cloves, and spices you like the flavor of, after the cure you can bake or smoke; baked will give you an unsmoked ham while smoke will give it the smokiness addition to the seasoned cure you used.[​IMG]

    hope this helps

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